• "The activating ritual must not involve torture, killing of any animal, or any form of involuntary sexual activity." - Netanya, Pt. 1 by Eric Hallstrom
  • "Which may prove that the Symphony _Needs_ someone to give the Archangel Dominic a kitten and the Demon Prince Andre a piece of good advice. Or, then again, it may not." - Netanya, Pt. 1 by Eric Hallstrom
  • "Then I saw three evil spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are spirits of demons performing miraculous signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty." - And I Feel Fine - Part 14: Plagues, Frogs, and Videotape by Earl Wajenberg
  • "These can only be taken by sincerely believing mortals (which do not, in this context, include Undead and/or Saints)." - Ritual-based Attunements by Moe Lane
  • "The angel has an olfactory sense comparable to that of a bloodhound: this can be very useful, in a great number of ways." - Smell The Breeze (Animals) by Moe Lane
  • "It was almost three years ago that al-Batin'Nur, one of Khalid's Friends of Man, mentioned something about the Western tradition of "New Year's Resolutions" to his Archangel, at a time when Khalid was feeling quite open to inspiration." - Resolutions of Faith by Rev. Pee Kitty
  • "This distinction is granted to any blessed soul who died because of (and in service to) his or her faith." - Martyr by Rev. Pee Kitty
  • "Those with this Attunement will be able to tell whether a person has been initiated into a ... well, the intent was 'a Divine Religion'." - Seal of God/Allah by Moe Lane
  • "David, in all of his Malakite glory, walks onstage -- in his usual state of (non-)attire. Dominic winces. After a shocked pause by the camerman, the camera immediately refocuses to show only a waist-up view of the two Archangels." - At The Movies With Dominic and David by Charles Glasgow
  • "The current design problem is reportedly incorporating translation of the file format into the Attunement. If the rumors are true, Self-Drive currently requires learning a language skill for whatever OS saved the file." - Self-Drive by Peter Eng
  • "In any case, to use this Attunement the celestial must be alone and working on a scientific or technological problem whose solution requires data that simply isn't available." - Well-Reasoned Extrapolation of Existing Factors (Lightning) / Alien Space Bats (Technology) / Flying Butt Monkeys (Mending*) by Moe Lane
  • "Credit Rating: This attunement allows the angel the ability to pay essence for 'hired' artifacts." - Additional Attunements for Trade by James Walker
  • "The base fine is $1.00 per Ethereal Force that the target has (smarter people should know better)..." - More New Trade Attunements by Michael Walton
  • "For those who need a reason why the flower children aren't all munched by the frothing demon hordes..." - Novalis Servitor Attunement: Rose Thorns by Vaughn Romero
  • "This attunement, recently developed as a way to help humans figure it out for themselves, costs 1 essense to use, and requires a successful Intelligence roll on the part of the Angel." - Jean Servitor Attunement: Tech Support by Phillip Des Jardins
  • "This attunement, which requires 2 essence to use and a successful Will roll, causes the victim, who must be in the midst of operating a machine of some sort, to completely lose any technological skills they may have, without actually realising this." - Vapula Servitor Attunement: Bonehead User From Hell by Phillip Des Jardins
  • "This attunement allows the angel, with a touch, to negate almost all of the weight and inertial mass of an object, making it as light and as easy to move as a feather." - Janus Servitor Attunement: He Ain't Heavy... by Douglas Muir
  • "Whenever the player is stuck for an idea at a critical time and as long as he is around something with an electrical power supply the GM should reveal to the player what to do." - Three Servitor Attunements for Jean by Alex Liddell
  • "This Servitor Attunement originated with the Wind, but certain other Archangels began crafting their own versions, as well. It was either that or watch their Servitors fall over themselves to do favors for Janus." - Variable Gravity Field by Moe Lane
  • "Since attunements can outlive Superiors, there would probably still be a few of these floating around. Not too many after 3,000 years, but a few." - Attunements for Oannes, Archangel of the Waters by Douglas Muir
  • "This attunement requires that the Angel using it be attacked first. By dodging/ blocking, or otherwise avoiding or countering the attack, and then taunting his foe, the Angel gains a bounce to his fighting skill." - Your Kung Fu Is Weak (Servitor Attunement) by Daniel Sauve
  • "Azrael, Archangel of Death*: These Grigori can see the last few seconds of a person's life by looking into their eyes and making a successful resonance roll. They will also know whether a person died from Celestial intervention or not." - Grigori Servitor Attunements by Michael Cleveland
  • "Pianissimo: Disturbance generated through the performance of Songs is reduced by one for every Force possessed by the performing angel corresponding the realm of the song being performed." - Attunements for Music by Eric Bertish
  • "This attunement allows the Trader to buy the performance of a Song or Attunement." - Mail Order (Trade Attunement) by James Walker
  • "These Attunements are intended to be used in a game set either pre-Fall or at least somewhat before Gabriel's self-imposed exile from Heaven and concomitant descent into apparent madness." - Archaic Fire Attunements by William J. Keith
  • "I was looking at the Malakite of Janus attunement and to be honest I found it a bit lacking." - New Malakite of the Wind Attunement by Phillip DesJardins
  • "Inspired by a conversation I had with my girlfriend last night, wherein I realized that Janus does not have any extra Servitor attunements, even non-canonical ones." - Two Wind Attunements by Eric Bertish
  • "Note that there is no mention of the number of In-between demons with these Attunements. That's because the appearance of the first one will be all the excuse that Dominic needs..." - Angelic Band Creation Attunements by Moe Lane
  • "It is said Jordi created this attunement in celebration of the diversity of the world's ecological sphere, long before the human problem began to grate its nerves. It makes use of the fact that Jordi's angels, on average, tend to have more vessels than other angels." - Animals Attunement: Cross-Evolution by Ryan Roth
  • "First, about Choir Choir Attunements. No, you're not seeing double -- a Choir^2 Attunement is an attunement which any Archangel may give, but only to a specific Choir." - Choir Choir Attunement: Wings of Love by Elizabeth McCoy
  • "Because so few Children of the Grigori and Nephallim are known to Heaven, organized information gathering on this phenomenon has so far been limited." - Nephallite Death Curse by Manny Nepomuceno
  • "This Attunement is given by Nybbas to Soldiers who serve his Word and lack connections to get into certain places." - I'm With The Band (Media Servitor Attunement) by Cameron McCurry
  • "This Attunement is never given out lightly. Let me repeat: it is never given out lightly." - Go Ahead, Break Your Mother's Heart by Moe Lane
  • "Angels of Stone usually enjoy taking the time to properly train other people, whether human or angel." - Training Sequence by Neel Krishnaswami
  • "What if you could get an Attunement from a set of multiple Superiors?" - Overtones by William J. Keith
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