Three Servitor Attunements for Jean

By Alex Liddell


Geek-Speak: This is the colloquial term among more irreverent Angels for one of Jean's new Attunements. Basically is copies Michael's Vassel distinction but with one alteration.

It allows the Angel to speak in technical jargon, netspeak, acronyms and in some cases binary. Only other Angels of Lightning with this Attunement will understand the speak and can reply in kind.

An interesting side effect of this Attunement is that the Angel can directly communicate with machines that have a microphone attached. This creates the perfect vocal interface. Since the language was created because of machines the machine consciousness interprets and relates the true meaning of the statements to the CPU and then on to the appropriate program.

EMP: With a Will roll the Angel may emit a small EMP wave around himself with a diameter determined by the amount of Essence spent: min 1, max 3.

1 = The Angels Ethereal Forces
2 = The Angels Perception
3 = The Angels Perception + Ethereal Forces

This has the effect of a normal EMP: all electronic equipment shorts out or goes offline and will stay that way after the EMP vanishes. Standard repair methods will work.

Revelation: This is a GM controlled Attunement. Whenever the player is stuck for an idea at a critical time and as long as he is around something with an electrical power supply the GM should reveal to the player what to do. This means accurate information relevant to the reason he was stumped in the first place.

When surrounded by the trappings of mortal or Celestial technology the GM can reveal more depending on his whim.

No wonder a Lightning Rod never forgets his network password!


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