Angelic Band Creation Attunements

By Moe Lane


Note that there is no mention of the number of In-between demons with these Attunements. That's because the appearance of the first one will be all the excuse that Dominic needs...

Balseraph of Creation: A Balseraph with this Attunement may temporarily create items out of nothing. These items may be as complex as the demon desires, provided that he or she is actually capable of operating them - however, weapons will appear without ammunition. Duration is for five minutes: cost is 1 Essence per five pounds. The In-between process for a Balseraph of Creation would most likely result in the Selfless Discord.

Djinn of Creation: Djinn serving Eli can take on any damage done to the objects of their attunement. Doing so is a Rite for them, usable three times per day. Djinn that have sought out Eli can expect to be Obsessive-Compulsive if they end up In-between.

Calabite of Creation: Freaks with this Attunement are master satirists. They cause ethereal damage with their resonance, provided that they make a successful Emote roll. However, they are more than likely to become Merciful as a result of becoming In-between, so this ability is likely to be reserved only for the truly deserving.

Habbalite of Creation: Punishers touched by Eli can embody their resonance in a work of art. Anyone encountering that work for the next day must make a Will +4 roll per turn in its presence, or else suffer from the emotional state enshrined therein.

An In-between Habbalite would almost certainly have Unshielded.

Lilim of Creation: A Lilim serving Eli can automatically detect any Need to destroy. The Host might be more tolerant of the existence of these half-demons. It's hard to say, because the Discord in this case would be Murderous...

Shedite of Creation: Eli gives them the ability to possess inanimate objects without fear of corruption. The Shedite may still only possess one item at a time, but duration is indefinite.

Like Balseraphim, In-between Shedim of Creation are more than likely to be Selfless (although Merciful is certainly possible).

Impudite of Creation: By spending 2 Essence, these Fakers may designate another entity to be the beneficiaries of their Charm and Siphon Essence abilities. The effects last for one hour.

A suitable In-between Discord for this Band would be Infatuation.


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