Attunements for Music

By Eric Bertish


Something I've had bouncing around in my head for a while. These haven't been playtested, so there may be loopholes. Please keep this in mind when responding.

Servitor attunements for Israfel, Angel of Music

Pianissimo: Disturbance generated through the performance of Songs is reduced by one for every Force possessed by the performing angel corresponding the realm of the song being performed.

Szforzando (aka the Moe Lane "Symphony? What Symphony? I can't hear the Symphony for all the ringing in my ears" rule): For 3 Essence the angel may double the effects of a song (hits, duration, etc), but this triples the disturbance.

Perfect Pitch: Possessors of this attunement automatically recognize the type and realm of a Song as it is being performed, but only if the Song is in their repertoire or (at GM's discretion) if they have seen it performed before.

Counterpoint: Angels with Counterpoint may counteract a Song as it is being performed (see above) by playing it "backwards". Before this can happen they must be able to perceive the performer and they must know the Song themselves, though they do not have to know it to the same degree as the performer. Every degree of success reduces the counterpointed Song's effectiveness by one check digit.


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