Grigori Servitor Attunements

By Michael Cleveland


This is something I wrote up for my home campaign. Comments and suggestions are welcomed, as always. The Archangels that are not listed here (Laurence/Litheroy/Christopher/Zadkiel) did not have Archangelic status at the time of the Grigori Exodus, and therefore would not have had attunements.

Azrael, Archangel of Death*: These Grigori can see the last few seconds of a person's life by looking into their eyes and making a successful resonance roll. They will also know whether a person died from Celestial intervention or not.

Blandine, Archangel of Dreams: Like the Seraphim of Dreams, the Grigori can identify intruders in a dreamscape. However, the Grigori Attunement can make even finer distinctions. On a successful resonance roll, the Grigori will gain information about an intruder equal to the table below:

  1. Type of Intruder (Ethereal / Celestial / Human)
  2. Specific Type (Genius Loci / Demon / Sorcerer)
  3. General reason for intrusion (Observation / Scare)
  4. If Celestial, Choir or Band
  5. Specific reason for intrusion.
  6. Choir/Band, Superior, and relative power (higher/lower)

David, Archangel of Stone: Stone's Grigori are protectors of communities, encouraging loyalty and solidarity. These angels can identify anyone who does not feel like they are part of a particular group, and can get an idea of what it would take to help them belong. Grigori of Stone are particularly despised by servitors of The Game.

Dominic, Archangel of Judgment: If a Watcher of Judgment suspects someone of dissonance, he can look into their eyes and with a successful resonance roll tell whether the dissonance was caused by going against his nature or against his Superior's Word.

Eli, Archangel of Creation: Grigori working for Eli can automatically detect artifacts of any realm if they can see it. This will affect even artifacts that typically can not be identified as such. It is also believed that no Grigori of Creation ever gave birth to a Nephalim, however it is not whether this is simple luck, or part of their Attunement.

Gabriel, Archangel of Fire: The Watchers of Divine Fire are curiously not attuned to a form of cruelty, but to those who have lost faith or hope. Rather than hurting them, the Grigori must restore their faith in something, if even for a moment. If someone specific has caused one of their charges to lose hope, the Watcher will know them with a glance.

Inanna, Archangel of Tears**: Inanna's Grigori do not create disturbances as long as they are in the midst of a rainstorm. Treat this attunement as a song of Celestial Shields that lasts as long as the storm is over the spot where the disturbance took place.

Janus, Archangel of The Wind: Grigori of The Wind add their Celestial Forces to any Lying or escape roll. These Watchers can also identify Servitors of Theft with a CD of 6 on a Resonance roll.

Jean, Archangel of Lighting: The Grigori of Lightning can tell whether an invention has infernal backing, and can also detect Infernal Artifacts with a successful Resonance roll.

Jordi, Archangel of Animals: Jordi's Grigori are attuned to rodents. They typically can be found in urban environments, watching for diabolicals or insensitive humans. Some of the most alien of the Grigori, they remember the days of the black plague quite well.

Marc, Archangel of Trade: Trade's Watchers can be found anywhere deals are made. These Watchers can look at a contract and tell if there are any hidden unfairness or escape clauses in it. Unlike the Friend of the Shareholders distinction, the angel must be able to read the contract, and will not know precisely what the clauses are unless further scrutinized.

Michael, Archangel of War: These Watchers can identify anyone with hostile intentions. Unlike the Malakite of War attunement, it does not give advance warning to the angel. It does, however, allow for any hostile intent - it does not have to be directed towards the angel.

Novalis, Archangel of Flowers: A Grigori serving Novalis becomes extremely sensitive to even the smallest disturbances in nature. A Grigori of Flowers can look at anyone who has been in contact with plant life within a number of seconds equal to their Perception and automatically tell if the person is in fact a human, or a Celestial Vessel.

Raphael, Archangel of Knowledge: These Grigori can always tell whether someone knows as much as he claims he does, and can also determine if someone has a true love for Knowledge.

Uriel, Archangel of Purity: Watchers in the service of Purity are charged with rooting out diabolical influence, and can tell a Divine disturbance from an Infernal. This attunement functions in the same manner as the Malakite of Destiny attunement.

Yves, Archangel of Destiny: Yves's Grigori can identify people who have already met their Destiny or Fate. This also applies to Celestials, and can be used to identify an angel or a demon, provided that the Grigori knows that he is dealing with a Celestial.

* - Azrael, Grigori Archangel of Death. Presumed killed by Saminga.

** - Inanna, Grigori Archangel of Tears. Presumed killed by Azazel.***

*** - Azazel, Agigi (Fallen Grigori) Prince of Betrayal

**** - Writeups of these AA's and Princes to be posted (eventually)


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