Variable Gravity Field

By Moe Lane


(Attunement for the Wind / Stone / War / the Sword / Divine Fire / Protection)

This Servitor Attunement originated with the Wind, but certain other Archangels began crafting their own versions, as well. It was either that or watch their Servitors fall over themselves to do favors for Janus.

Essentially, the Attunement allows a person to treat gravity as a minor obstacle. The user may at will reduce his or her weight by up to 1/10th of normal. This will not allow actual flight, but someone with VGF can leap astounding distances, walk on water, run up walls...

An Acrobatics roll is needed to use this Attunement in combat: this will give a further +(CD) to Dodge rolls but a -(CD/2) to damage done due to the lack of leverage. Prolongued use of VGF (over five minutes) will also cause 2 points of Disturbance per further minute.

It should also be noted that any entity with this Attunement and a human female Vessel/host/body will gain a +2 to all Seduction rolls, due mostly to the fact that having VGF means that you can burn all your bras...


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