Archaic Fire Attunements

By William J. Keith


These Attunements are intended to be used in a game set either pre-Fall or at least somewhat before Gabriel's self-imposed exile from Heaven and concomitant descent into apparent madness. (The parts in parentheses are meant to reflect how the Archangel of Fire and the Messenger of God might have used his Servitors when fully focused.)

Seraphim: By touching fire or live coal to a willing subject's flesh, a Seraph of Fire could for a number of hours equal to the Essence spent grant the subject a bonus equal to the Seraph's Ethereal Forces, for Detect Lies, resistance to a Balseraphic resonance, or any roll to see through deception. (The Seraphim were rarely tasked with message delivery, but when they were, their special task often was to bear messages to prophets from Heaven -- and back!)

Cherubim: A Cherub of Fire could attune to a message, whether recorded, or simply spoken in his presence. For a number of days thereafter equal to his Celestial Forces, the Cherub could tell at a glance who knew this information. If everyone, including the Cherub, lost or forgot the message, the Cherub would take Dissonance. (Cherubim did not bear messages, but instead protected messages and messengers.)

Ofanim: Using his resonance for area knowledge, an Ofanite serving Fire could also detect flows of energy in that area -- heat sources, power lines, sunlight, a rushing river -- with a resolution indicated by the check digit. Only larger sources are noted; body heat is too dim to sense with this ability. (Ofanim bore messages of the utmost urgency, using their resonance to speed their information across the Earth.)

Elohim: On a successful resonance roll, Gabriel's Powers would know the one circumstance or object that would provoke the most intense passion in the subject, and what emotion that would be. (Elohim were best able to bring messages of great tragedy or sadness -- both in the delivery, and in withstanding their burden.)

Malakim: This Attunement has not changed. (Gabriel's Malakim brought messages of fire into the darkness. They came to sinners demanding repentance, and to demons bearing hot warnings.)

Bright Lilim: A Bright Lilim could see what a subject needed (not necessarily punishment) to bring them to feel repentance and absolution for what the subject felt was their greatest sin. (There were too few Bright Lilim of Fire to establish a pattern in their use. There was a slight tendency to use them to bring messages of mercy.)

Kyriotates: A reflection of the Cherub of Fire ability, Fire's Kyriotates could hear information and roll against Perception to know the path -- physical route and identity of messengers -- that message had taken for the past (Celestial Forces) days. (Kyriotates most often bore messages -- sometimes simultaneously -- to diverse groups of people, such as the leaders of two warring tribes.)

Mercurians: The Friends of Man serving Fire were superb teachers. In front of a class or a single student, they could resonate to find a close relation between the subject of study, and the student's lives. In game terms, in addition to occasionally being a useful personality insight, halve the time to learn any skill the angel teaches. (Gabriel's Mercurians were often sent to bear joyous news.)

Grigori: The Grigori who so briefly worked for Fire could use flame to focus their senses -- concentrating on the flicker a fire at least the size of their palm, they could deduce the last Disturbance made in an area, and possibly information about it as well. In game terms, they would automatically detect the last Disturbance they could have heard at that spot; roll anyway for CD (GURPS, degree of success). (Grigori bore messages in Role, working when it was deemed necessary to conceal the information's Divine provenance.)


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