Additional Attunements for Trade

By James Walker


Credit Rating: This attunement allows the angel the ability to pay essence for 'hired' artifacts. Items can be gained at the bazaar in Commerce Park or elsewhere - this attunement manifests in Celestial Form as a credit card revealing the angels' current credit.*

Each day that an angel possesses a hired item he will lose essence equal to half the CP value of the item - this goes to the hirer, as if CelTongues has been performed. Alternatively, if he has given his Heart to the Hirer as a deposit or if the item has the Summonable feature, he can choose to release the item, which will then return to the Hirer. If the angel does not have the essence to lose, and does not return the artifact is some fashion, the attunement will be 'voided' and fail.

When Marc grants this attunement, he also acts as a guarantor, and will replace an item if the angel voids the attunement. He will not replace an item worth more character points than the angels has Forces, making that the limit of what the angel can hire. However, this attunement can be earned repeatedly, and multiple attunements can be used for hiring a single item. And of course, multiple small items can be hired with a single attunement.

Voiding this attunement, does not, under Heaven's laws, grant the angel ownership of the item. Marc gains that, but may return it or restore the attunement if he thinks that circumstances warrant it.

Items available are at GM's discretion, but the sample artifacts in the base book will almost always be available at the bazaar. (Obviously, items with limited uses will NOT be, under any circumstances). I recommend that GM's who are proud of their evil natures should, rather than concentrating on restricting the artifacts available, should swamp the PC with 'junk mail' describing the various weird and wacky artifacts available. Also remember other angels will be hiring out items captured from Hell! Fortunately, the rules of the bazaar require a Trader to disclose the source of his artifacts.

Essence Loan: The angel with this attunement may 'loan' another Symphonically Aware being a point of essence; when that individual would normally regain their daily essence the essence is instead gained by this angel. Only one essence may be loaned per individual; there is no limit to how many individuals may be loaned essence, however if the angel regains more essence than they can hold the excess to be lost, bleeding off into the Symphony.

Free Market: Whenever examining an item which the angel wishes to acquire, he may make a Perception check; success informs the angel of CD number of other people/organisations who are interested in selling identical or similar items. Obviously, this attunement is useless on truly unique items.

Levelling The Playing Field: Whenever the angel examines an item, he is immediately aware if the items price is (or will be in the immediate future) affected by protection, price fixing or a monopoly, and if so how and by who.

Torren's Title: This attunement can only be possessed by angels who possess Marc's Cherub attunement. For a cost of 2 essence, they may brand an item with a sigil which is only visible to the Symphonically Aware. In future, the sigil will glow whenever held by the items true owner. The sigil cannot normally be faked, although Servitors of Dark Humor have occasionally succeeded using a combination of Secretly Replaced and Farce of Mistaken Identity.


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