The Song of Atrocities (Ethereal, Restricted)

By Moe Lane


Despite its name, this Song doesn't actually harm anyone: it just looks like it does. Essentially, it produces a full sensory illusion that alters the apparent form of any item within the performer's line of sight. However, this illusion is limited to death-related imagery. For example, if performed on a basketball, the performer may choose to give it the appearance of a severed head or a giant spider, but not (say) a bouquet of flowers. This Song may be performed on a living target: anything with Celestial Forces may choose to resist with a Will Roll. Those encountering the illusion must roll against Perception in order to see through it.

This Song was originally the province of the Olympian pantheon (it was used as part of their campaign to wean the Romans away from human sacrifice). Today, both Beleth and Saminga teach it to their more artistic Servitors: although the latter would much rather that his demons actually kill things, he recognizes that sometimes they simply do not have the raw materials needed for a proper scenario. However, David also knows this Song, and is more than happy to give it out. Anything that encourages an enemy to be scared and trigger-happy (and thus prone to start fights) is a Good Thing in his book.

Bonus: Nightmares
Available: David, Beleth, Saminga
Essence Requirement: 1 per 50lb of the item affected
Duration: 1 minute
Degree of Disturbance: CD


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