• "Oh, yes, it took a _lot_ of time and dignity before Heaven was able to get the Thor-blotter properly studied..." - The Song of Blots (Ethereal) by Moe Lane
  • "Stupid name, yes, but that's the younger generation for you. There's no respect for tradition anymore." - The Song of Twanging (Celestial) by Moe Lane
  • "These Songs are useful enough, yes, but it takes a certain type of mindset to want to have access to them." - Songs of Nurturing by Moe Lane
  • "Apparently, Oannes had a sense of humor. Judging from the below, it was both a fairly low and fairly inappropriate sense of humor." - Numinous Piscis by Moe Lane
  • "These Songs are favored among those Soldiers that can know and use them: properly used, they can thoroughly confuse anyone trying to ferret out someone's true nature." - Songs of Mimicry by Moe Lane
  • "Note that reducing a 150lb vessel to a 2 1/2 pound doll will require a division of mass/weight by 64." - Numinous Corpus: Doll by Moe Lane
  • "Campaigns not using Collectors can still use this Songs, as they do have some utility in tracking Remnants and someone who's recently been injured in Celestial combat." - The Songs of Collection by Moe Lane
  • "Called "The Song of Pancakes" by more irreverent celestials: well, actually, most celestials seem to like calling it this. Even Laurence is on the record as using the name. " - Numinous Corpus: Two-Dimensional by Moe Lane
  • "Rare, because only an Ofanite can learn this Song, and few Archangels will teach it... dangerous, because it is capable of destroying the vessels of several demons in one shot...." - The Song of the Last Stand by Amanda Kilgore
  • "These songs allow the performer to take on different aspects of domestic lagomorphs. Observe house rabbits in (in)action for a few days. You?ll understand. " - The Songs of Rabbit Physics by Amanda Kilgore
  • "This Song, when performed upon someone, will reveal his or her physical birth date. There is no roll to resist." - Song of Birthdays (Corporeal) by Moe Lane
  • "It was WONDERFUL -- her terrible glory went out like I had shot a light bulb, and while she was looking confused, I vaulted over the desk, snagging the tire iron I had left on it, and beat Novalis to death. " - The Song of Tire Irons by Neel Krishnaswami
  • "Discovered by a Kyriotate of the Wind while working in Egypt, these Songs allow manipulation of windflow for minor effects." - Song of Breezes by Rev. Pee Kitty
  • "Any Songmaster who has heard this Song and the Song of Fruition will immediately realize the truth; but such an angel can generally be trusted." - Song of Bounty by Rev. Pee Kitty
  • "This Secret Song is a distant cousin to the infamous Song of Exchange, though its indirect nature places its users lower on Heaven's "Most Wanted" list." - Song of Incarnation (Ethereal) (Secret) by Rev. Pee Kitty
  • "The following constitutes a complete collection of fixes for Songs in the Liber Canticorum for the use of GURPS: In Nomine players." - IN to GURPS: IN Song Translations by William J. Keith
  • "This Song is a somewhat more powerful (albeit riskier) variant of Numinous Corpus: Flame. The body of the performer turns to flame. Clothing and possessions are not affected, and indeed are in serious danger of combustion." - Numinous Corpus: Living Flames (Secret) by Moe Lane
  • "While these Songs were first discovered by Jean, he is generally not credited with the accomplishment - at his own emphatic request." - Song of Words by Moe Lane
  • "These Songs were first discovered by ethereals, centuries before the Purity Crusade. Heaven acquired them during that conflict (using somewhat impolite methods): Hell merely forced their tame gods to cough up the knowledge." - Song of Reincarnation by Moe Lane
  • "These Songs are very much beloved by Soldiers of God. You see, one of the things that they don't tell you when you sign up to fight the forces of Hell is that sometimes you'll never have any time to run errands..." - Songs of Convenience by Moe Lane
  • "Despite its name, this Song doesn't actually harm anyone: it just looks like it does." - The Song of Atrocities (Ethereal, Restricted) by Moe Lane
  • "The demon (of Lust, natch, and go ahead and keep your mind in the gutter) who discovered this Song was looking for an Ornamental NC -- but what it found was much, much, much more interesting." - Numinous Corpus: Goo by Beth McCoy
  • "Blur: The player's image becomes indistinct as with motion blur for a number of minutes equal to the player's level in the Song." - Numinodes Corpi by Michael Walton
  • "When used properly, the Songs create blood: ordinary, Type O+ human blood, although a thorough examination of said blood will show that it came from no living creature." - The Songs of Blood by Manny Nepomuceno
  • "Contrary to popular belief, there is not a special squad of Dominicans watching to see whether this Song is used to acquire adult movies." - More Songs of Convenience by Moe Lane
  • "The Song of Overlooking takes advantage of the normal human tendency to ignore or selectively edit anything that simply makes no coherent sense." - The Song of Overlooking (Celestial) by Moe Lane
  • "It is rumored that she once used this Song to give Andrealphus a piece of her mind after he went a bit too far with one of her angels. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that His Princelyness spent the next three days not having any kind of sex, and being very ashamed and appologising a lot about his...uhm..yeah..well.. *blush* As I said: No evidence. Whatsoever." - The Song of Scolding by Unni Solaas
  • "The Songs of Blooming give a character control over plants." - The Songs of Blooming by Michael Walton
  • "Originally thought to be nothing more than a rather poorly named joke, this particular Song was discovered by an intensely eccentric Ofanite of Eli with a history of service that made almost no sense, on examination." - The Songs of WTF by Kamika-Z
  • "The songs of Measurement tie some perceptions of the Symphony down to numbers, or at least concepts." - The Songs of Measurement by John Dallman
  • "These are not Songs popular with Death. They enable their singer to find out who a corpse used to be, and what became of them." - The Songs of the Corpse by John Dallman
  • "The new celestial form of the fused being will look like a mixture of the performers celestial forms, modified by mixed Word." - The Song of Fusion by Sirea Theyal
  • "I'm sure you can guess which Superior is irresponsible for these." - The Song of Falling by James Walker
  • "These songs are recent discoveries of Saminga, and are now being taught freely to his Servitors. Few outside of his Servitors know these Songs." - The Song of Death by Rolland Therrien
  • "These special Songs are Saminga's pet project into the Word of Death, and he's been spending all his free time trying to find these songs, which he entrusts only to those Servitors whom he sees as truly loyal to Death (read: as crazy as he is)." - The Song of Death by Rolland Therrien
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