The Song of the Last Stand

By Amanda Kilgore (


This rare and dangerous Song is attributed to an Ofanite of War, used in one of the large battles after the Fall. Rare, because only an Ofanite can learn this Song, and few Archangels will teach it; War, Fire, the Sword, and the Wind. Dangerous, because it is capable of destroying the vessels of several demons in one shot, but at the cost of the Ofanite's vessel.

Like the Song of Thunder, it affects the three planes at once, and does not have separate forms. Also like that Song, it costs a mere 1 Essence point to use, however will drain all of the angel's remaining essence as it takes effect, and creates a rather large degree of disturbance.

Performing this Song redirects the Ofanite's energies inward. It requires the angel to be utterly still while the energy focuses, until he can no longer hold it in... at which point his vessel explodes in a violent release of that energy. This causes Body hits equal to *twice* the angel's Corporeal forces plus his *total* remaining essence, plus the check digit, reducing in force by 1 point for every yard away from ground zero a vessel is. The Song does not distinguish what it hits however, so angels, undead/Saints, and humans are also vulnerable.

Because it is so destructive, it also causes a disturbance equal to the check digit plus the angel's *total* forces.

However, if something *bad* happens, there's a problem. On an Infernal intervention (666), the Song does not cause the angel's vessel to explode. Instead, it gives him a level of Discord (no, not dissonance. Discord.) If the angel already has *any* dissonance, he loses touch with the Symphony on this failure. A roll against his Will is now required, and a check digit of 5 or 6 gives him 3 levels of Discord, which will soon render him Outcast. A second 666 on this check dumps him straight into hell as a Calabite.

Since this Song is so dangerous even for a pure and noble angel, Archangels will *never* allow a young angel to learn it. Only an angel who has proven himself repeatedly has a chance to learn this potent but deadly Song. (Read: 11 Forces and at least a Vassal distinction.)

As a side note, this Song is also dangerous for the companions of the Ofanite... when he recovers from Trauma, he may brag somewhat about how many demons he sent back to their hearts. Malakim beware.


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