The Song of Fusion

By Sirea Theyal


Two people are needed to perform this Song correctly, and if one user knows it at a lower level than the other, then the lower of the two levels will be used. This Song costs just 1 Essence to use, but when the duration is up, all Essence that the performers have remaining will be lost.

The performers must also make a Dancing skill roll, and a Will roll, or else the Song will not work properly.

When using the Song, the performers must do an intricate dance while singing the Song, and end the dance touching each others fingers together. A bright light will infuse the performers, and they will literally fuse together, combining their powers and abilities into a powerful package. Demons and angels can fuse together.

What this does in game terms is the following:

Take the Forces for each realm of both celestials, and average them together, rounding down. Thus, if you have a 11-Force and 15-Force celestial, you would end up with a 13-Force celestial. For each area of Forces and attributes, do the same. For example:

Celestial A has 11 Forces:

Corporeal Forces: 4
Strength: 6
Agility: 8
Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 8
Precision: 4
Celestial Forces: 4
Will: 6
Perception: 10

Celestial B has 15 Forces:

Corporeal Forces: 6
Strength: 12
Agility: 12
Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 4
Precision: 8
Celestial Forces: 6
Will: 12
Perception: 12

They fuse to become Celestial AB, with 13 Forces:

Corporeal Forces: 5
Strength: 9
Agility: 11
Ethereal Forces: 3
Intelligence: 6
Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 5
Will: 9
Perception: 11

The fused celestial will have the skills of both performers, modified by the new attribute levels. The same goes for Songs.

The fused celestial will have the attunements and distinctions of both performers also. The new Choir-Choir, Choir-Band, or Band-Band celestial will have resonances of both performers, with a check digit cap of 3. The fused celestial will have the dissonance conditions for Word and Choir/Band from both performers.

The new celestial form of the fused being will look like a mixture of the performers celestial forms, modified by mixed Word. They will speak with the voice of both performers, and will act as a new individual, and when the Song ends, both performers will know everything that happened, and have a powerful insight into the mind of their fellow performer, which can be good or bad depending. In some odd cases, fused celestials claim they serve a different Word altogether, sometimes with new powers to back it up (Like a Seraph of Destiny and a Calabite of Fate claiming they were now a Calaraph of the Symphony, or a Cherub of War and a Elohite of Fire saying the were a Cherohite of Carnage).

The Song lasts for a half hour, at which point both celestials will come apart, with no Essence, but in the condition they fused in. The song causes 10 straight points of disturbance for every use.

Plot Seed: by some Infernal (or Divine!) Intervention, two battling or arguing Superiors somehow activate the Song of Fusion, instead of their intended Song without knowing it, and fly together to create a fused Superior! This can be odd, funny, or just painfully Dark, depending on your campaign. Some examples:

Novalis+Michael = Novichael, Cheraph Archangel of Balance
Eli+Nybbas = Elibbas, Mercudite Angel Prince of Creativity
Belial+Jean = Belian, Calohite Archdemon of Plasma
Asmodeus+Magog = Asmogog, Djinite Demon Prince of Condemnation

Yay! I know the mechanics are pretty messy, but I was really bored and had nothing to do, so enjoy and make up your own fusions ^_^


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