Numinous Piscis

By Moe Lane (


Apparently, Oannes had a sense of humor. Judging from the below, it was both a fairly low and fairly inappropriate sense of humor. More than one Archangel swore when these specialized Numinous Corpi resurfaced: for one thing, you can perform them on somebody else (the 'victim' gets to roll against Will every ten minutes to resist). For another, they're really, really blatant. A good third reason is that anyone using a Numinous Piscis will flop around like, well, a fish out of water if knocked unconscious.

In fact, these Songs would have probably stayed lost forever, if it wasn't for the Halibut (Jordi often refers to his Word-bound as just the species that they watch over)...


A big hit with Servitors of Dark Humor, this almost purely cosmetic Song allows the performer to grow a big fin on his or her back. This will rip clothing (level/3 and above will wreck armor), make it impossible to sit normally, scare swimmers...


No, not cosmetic (although the performer may choose to make it so): the blank, staring eyes are hypnotic. By spending an additional 2 Essence, the user may force one person within line of sight to make a Will Roll +2 (minus the level of the Song) or else immediately fall unconsciousness. Celestials will wake up after 5 minutes: humans will sleep with the fishes for about two hours.

Duration on this Song is 10 minutes.


The performer grows large gills, allowing him or her to breathe water. Unfortunately, the performer also loses the ability to breathe properly on land: -2 to all Strength and Agility rolls from the lack of oxygen. Add ten minutes duration for every level of the Song.


The performer gets a really neat head, just like the guy in that mortal movie everyone was watching a few decades ago. Each level adds +3 Power to Fighting attacks, provided that the person can actually perform a head butt: it also provides a +1 per level for Perception Rolls for activities going on to either side. Unfortunately, each level also gives a -1 to Perception Rolls for activities going on right in front of you. The eyes, you understand.


Essentially, you lose your legs and get a tail, instead. This adds 2 to your Swimming skill per level, but your top land speed gets cut down to about (Agility/2) yards per second. You also happen to temporarily lose your clothing: seashells optional for female performers.

Please also note that the tail starts from about the waist down: the mere threat of performing this Song is enough to break some Servitors of Lust.


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