Song of Incarnation (Ethereal) (Secret)

By Rev. Pee Kitty


This Secret Song is a distant cousin to the infamous Song of Exchange, though its indirect nature places its users lower on Heaven's "Most Wanted" list. It is only known to the few remaining high-powered Ethereal Gods, such as the Hindu pantheon; others can learn it, but most consider the cost too high for its arguably limited effect. For one thing, in addition to the Essence cost, the singer of this Song automatically loses a Force of his choice, permanently!

When performed, one child being conceived on Earth within the next 24 hours will be born as an avatar of the Ethereal. The Ethereal has no choice of the child - the Symphony chooses randomly, though it always seems to choose a child slated to be raised within the Ethereal's sphere of influence. (E.g., if Vishu performed this Song, the child affected would be Hindu or would grow up amongst Hindus.) The Ethereal has no control over the avatar, nor is he granted any special communion with it, but the avatar will act to furthur the Ethereal's presence on Earth instinctively.

Avatars are born with six Forces; they will have at least three Forces of the type "donated" by the Ethereal. A Corporeal Force thus tends to create a holy warrior, an Ethereal Force a wise planner, an a Celestial Force an inspiring leader. When an avatar dies, his dreamshade ends up in the Far Marches with his creator; there is much speculation over whether this Song precludes the avatar's potential Destiny or Fate... Servitors of Yves and Kronos who have resonated avatars always turn up the same result (Destiny to fulfill the Ethereal's cause, Fate to fail).

There are constant rumors of a Celestial version of this song (Laurence and Dominic would like to know the truth behind this one, especially), along with occasional rumors of a Corporeal version, though no one can quite agree on what it does.

Available: Hindu Pantheon; Other Powerful Panthons (?)
Essence Requirement: 6
Degree of Disturbance: The performer's total Forces


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