The Song of Death

By Rolland Therrien


These special Songs are Saminga's pet project into the Word of Death, and he's been spending all his free time trying to find these songs, which he entrusts only to those Servitors whom he sees as truly loyal to Death (read: as crazy as he is).

Thus far, he's only been able to find the corporeal version, but he's currently doing a lot of research in the Marches in an attempt to discover the ethereal version, mainly by dissecting ethereals until they come apart at the Forces. To those few who're aware of Saminga's research, the implications of Saminga's future research into the celestial version are somewhat disturbing... Saminga already claims that Death is the ultimate evil; once he masters the Songs of Death, will he try to back this claim over Lucifer's dead body?

Corporeal Song of Death: The performer can focus the power of this song to bring a single corporeal being's life to an end, or to send a celestial into Trauma via vessel death, provided the victim fails a Will roll; This costs 1 Essence per total Forces the victim has: It costs 2 Essence to kill a cat, 4 to kill a big dog, 5 to kill a mundane human, 6 to kill a starting soldier, 9 to kill a newly fledged celestial, etc. If the performer doesn't have the Essence to match the victim's, then the Song fails. Thus far, Saminga hasn't tried it on another Superior.

Bonus: Death
Available: Saminga
Essence Requirment: 1 per Victim's total Forces
Degree of Disturbance: Check digit plus total Essence spent.

Ethereal Song of Death: Hasn't been discovered yet, but early results from Saminga's research suggest that once it would allow the Performer to slay ethereals much like the corporeal Song can kill organic life.

Celestial Song of Death: Saminga hasn't even begun researching this song, but speculators believe it would allow the Performer to reduce celestials into mere Remnants (or scatter their forces if without vessels).

Needless to say, those Superiors who are aware of Saminga's research project are starting to consider whether or not Saminga isn't becoming too big a risk for everyone...


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