The Songs of Measurement

By John Dallman


The songs of Measurement tie some perceptions of the Symphony down to numbers, or at least concepts. They all last for CD + (Caster's appropriate Forces) minutes, and can be used on any number of targets during their duration.

The Corporeal song allows the caster to perceive the dimensions and volume of any inanimate object that he can see at a glance, and to determine weight (and thereby density) by touch. If he serves a Word, he can also determine, at the GM's option, properties that are related to that word. This is handy servitors of Lightning, who can measure electrical component values by touch; servitors of Fire would learn just how inflammable a substance is, and so on.

The Ethereal song is more subtle: it allows the caster to weigh the meaning of a concept or statement. This does not tell him how true or otherwise the idea is directly; it's more useful for complex ideas. This song was one of Vapula's best early tools in discovering the rules of the universe, but he doesn't use it much these days, feeling that his current ideas are too complex for it. Besides, it's no fun.

The Celestial song sharpens perception of celestial events. The CD of a successful performance is added to the CD of all Perception rolls made to hear Disturbance within the song's duration; this does work with the Celestial Song of Memory.

Essence cost: 1
Degree of disturbance: 1


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