Song of Words

By Moe Lane


While these Songs were first discovered by Jean, he is generally not credited with the accomplishment - at his own emphatic request. Raphael was barely more tolerant. However, there were enough Orphans of Wisdom that knew these Songs to prevent them from being lost. Blandine finds them very useful tools for the ethereal plane: needless to say, so do Beleth and Nybbas.

Even they, however, blanch at using them anywhere else...

Note that the effective CD for all three Songs may never be higher than the higher of (the performers Ethereal Forces) or (his or her Knowledge (Literature) skill).


The performer may knock people unconscious with a blizzard of words. This isn't metaphorical, by the way: a large stream of visible words actually comes out of the performer's mouth and covers the target, who must make a Strength roll at -3 every turn or be knocked out for CD hours. Note that this does not actually do any kind of damage: knocking someone out this way on the ethereal plane will not result in Discord.

The performer may also choose to create a sentence and use it in hand to hand combat: this does do Body Hits (Power equal to Essence spent, Accuracy equal to the CD).


The performer creates a ball of text, which is thrown at the target. Once it 'impacts', it explodes, causing (CD x Essence) Mind Hits. This, like any form of ethereal damage, can cause Discord. Alternatively, the performer may choose to wrap the text around himself, giving a Protection to ethereal attacks equal to the CD + Essence spent. Every four points of damage that are stopped by this textual armor will reduce the Protection by 1.


This is the nasty one: it temporarily makes the target into an appropriate Word-bound (GM call for the actual Word). A successful roll will give the target a Word equal to the CD. However, the target will also have his or her regular Forces reduced by the same amount, for the duration of the Song. This will effect everything, including total hits and all skill or characteristic rolls. The target may resist this with a Will Roll at -2: success means that the target is immune to this Song for the next 5 minutes. Only celestials may be affected by this Song, and only by one Celestial Song of Words at a time. If the celestial does not have sufficient Forces to make the shift, it will take CD x 3 Soul Hits instead.

Available: Everybody, but don't get caught using them on the corporeal plane...
Bonus: Destiny, Fate, Wisdom (assuming that you have any around), Archives, the Media
Range: 10 yards
Duration: one minute per each 2 Essence spent (minimum 2). May be maintained, except for the explosive Ethereal Song.
Essence Requirement: 2 to 6. Cost to maintain: same. Maintenance may not be boosted/or reduced from initial Essence expenditure.
Degree of Disturbance: none extra. However, use of any of these Songs on the Corporeal plane will cause 8 Disturbance.


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