The Song of Falling

By James Walker


I'm sure you can guess which Superior is irresponsible for these.


These Songs can only be used if the target is a minimum distance above the ground. The minimum depends on the level at which the Song is known:

  1. a mile
  2. 100 yards
  3. six feet
  4. 3 feet
  5. one foot
  6. three inches

All versions of this Song last for a number of rounds equal to the CD.

Corporeal: This Song allows the performer to run across thin air to another level surface. The Song does not permit a change in height. Anyone detecting the Disturbance will be able to follow the performer across the "bridge", and will realise this. A CD of 6 on the Perception check is needed to realise that only the performer can gain any traction on the bridge; anyone else will travel for their maximum Jump distance before running out of momentum. Anyone still on the bridge when the Song ends takes falling damage as if they have been affected by the Ethereal version of this Song.

Ethereal: If the target fails a Will roll while falling they cease falling for a number of rounds equal to the CD of the Will roll; at the conclusion of the Song the target continues falling, and on hitting the ground) takes additional damage caused by the momentum acquired(but not used) during the duration of the Song. The damage taken is Song CD body hits for every round the target was hanging in the air. The Will roll is to overcome the panic of hanging midair - characters who are immune to fear (eg Friend of the Fighters) or to emotional outbursts (eg Vassal of The Sword) are immune to this version of the Song. Others tend to test the air with their toes, turn panicked looks to their friends, and otherwise look foolish. As the damage caused is real, collateral damage to whatever the target lands on tends to be spectacular.

Celestial: This Song alters the direction of 'down' for the target. Unless the target makes a successful Will roll, they will fall in the direction chosen by the performer for a number of rounds equal to the Song CD, or until they hit a solid object, whichever comes first. (The performer can take a penalty equal to the target's Corporeal Forces to have the Song continue after hitting a solid object; if he does so, he may change the direction of 'down' after the object has been hit. This can be done repeatedly - if the performer is skilled enough to overcome the multiple penalties. This is known as "hamstering" due to the normal victim of this). Rumours continue to speak of a variant which allow the performer to prevent an object he is standing on from falling, while the structure it was previously attached to plunges earthwards.

Bonus: Dark Humor
Available: Kobal, Haagenti, Lilith, Malphas
Essence Required: 1 (10 for the rumoured Celestial variant)
Disturbance: The CD; characters in pursuit of the performer may add their Corporeal Forces to the roll; if they choose to do so, the maximum CD is equal to their Ethereal Forces.


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