The Songs of Blooming

By Michael Walton


The Songs of Blooming give a character control over plants. Novalis frequently teaches them to faithful Servitors. Fleurity also knows and teaches these Songs. Each use of a Song of Blooming effects one plant or an area of grass (player's total Forces) feet across.

Corporeal - Accelerates the growth of plants. Unlike the Corporeal Song of Entropy, this Song will fast-grow a plant to its full natural size. The plant experiences (CD x 3) months of growth.

Ethereal - Plants affected by this Song gain limited animation. They can grasp with a Strength of (CD +3) or move with an Agility of 1. This effect lasts for one hour per point of Essence spent on the Song.

Celestial - One chosen property of the plant (medicinal value, intoxicating effect, thorniness, toxicity, etc.) is permanently intensified. The effect of this is determined by the CD; thorns and poisons do that much additional damage, each dose of a drug acts as that many additional doses, etc. These enhanced properties cannot be passed on to offspring (except perhaps when granted by Superiors).

Essence Requirement: 1
Degree of Disturbance: 1 (2 for Celestial)
Available: Fleurity, Novalis


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