Song of Birthdays (Corporeal)

By Moe Lane (


This Song, when performed upon someone, will reveal his or her physical birth date. There is no roll to resist.

One may wonder why, in point of fact, anyone would bother learning this Song. In fact, Soldiers and celestials love it: it reveals the physical age of a body (or vessel), _not_ how old the controlling entity is - and it ignores Roles completely. The Corporeal Song of Entropy will not help, either: the Song determines the exact point in time in which a particular body came to life, and artificial aging methods will not confuse it. Considering that most vessels aren't 'aged', this can indicate quite handily whether or not one is facing a human or celestial. Undead can also be detected this way, sometimes.

Unfortunately, the ability to pierce through illusions like this comes with a price: the Song is neither quiet nor cheap.

Essence Cost: 6
Degree of Disturbance: 3x the check digit.


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