More Songs of Convenience

By Moe Lane


(You can find Part One here. -- Ed.)

Alarm Clock: This Song will ensure that the target (not necessarily the performer) is able to wake up at a time of the target's choosing. The effects last for (CD days).

Housecleaning: These are actually three related Songs: Clean Refrigerator (transports old food to garbage can, disinfects and wipes down counters and stacks salvaged Tupperware/dishes in sink); Wash Dishes (one sink's worth per Essence); and Take Out Trash (to the nearest collection point: separating recyclables costs one additional Essence).

Parking: When performed, this Song will provide a legal parking space within a minute. The parking space will be reasonably close to the desired entrance, and large enough for a minivan. Once a space has been cleared, it will be effectively invisible to other drivers until the singer has finished parking: entities with Symphonic Awareness get a Will -2 roll to pierce the illusion.

Take-out: This Song will provide a meal (four people per Essence). In order for the Song to work, there must be a take-out restaurant of the appropriate type (see below) within a mile of the performer: the food will quietly vanish from the restaurant and arrive in a suitably cooked form. The performer must also have sufficient cash on hand to pay for the meal (plus a 20% tip): coupons will not be accepted, alas. The meal will come with the usual accoutrements, plus a receipt.

Performers must learn a different Song for each type of food that they wish to summon (Chinese, Mexican, a particular fast-food chain, etc.), and cannot order anything that isn't already on the menu.

A variant of this (Rent Movie) will acquire a particular video for 24 hours (at the end of that time, the video will pop back, fully rewound). If the video is not available, the Song will use its best judgement and rent something else.

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a special squad of Dominicans watching to see whether this Song is used to acquire adult movies.


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