Songs of Mimicry

By Moe Lane (


Restricted: Mortals Only

These Songs are favored among those Soldiers that can know and use them: properly used, they can thoroughly confuse anyone trying to ferret out someone's true nature. Note that a Soldier will still need an Ethereal or Celestial Connection to perform the appropriate Songs!

At no time will a celestial's dissonance restrictions be affected by the use of these Songs.


The body of the target takes on all the corporeal advantages of a celestial vessel for an indeterminate amount of time. This means, among other things, that the target no longer needs sleep, food or drink: in fact, the Song immediately ends if the target indulges in any of these three activities. Otherwise, duration is for (CD) days, and cannot be maintained.


Use of this Song will double Will or Strength (to a maximum of 12), for the purpose of resisting a demonic resonance only. Duration is for (CD) hours, and may be maintained.


Any actions taken by the target will be treated by the Symphony as if a celestial in a vessel did them. This essentially means that acts of destruction will cause disturbance. An unwilling target may resist this Song with a Will -2 roll. The duration for this Song is one day, and may be maintained.

Essence Requirement: 4 (half cost to maintain, if applicable) Degree of Disturbance: none


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