The Songs of the Corpse

By John Dallman


These are not Songs popular with Death. They enable their singer to find out who a corpse used to be, and what became of them. The angel who discovered them while seeking a variation on the Songs of Memory, was a member of the Order of the Eternal Sword and used them in vendetta against demons of Theft. All of them work on any sort of dead creature or plant, including Vessels. Their reach in time is as described for the Corporeal Song of Memory, using the performer's Forces in the appropriate realm. Each form answers one simple question, or informs the caster that it can't be answered, with some indication of why (never actually alive; parts of more than one creature mixed together; etc).

Corporeal: When did you die?
Ethereal: What was your name?
Celestial: Where did your soul go?

Essence cost: 1
Degree of disturbance: None.


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