Song of Breezes

By Rev. Pee Kitty


Discovered by a Kyriotate of the Wind while working in Egypt, these Songs allow manipulation of windflow for minor effects. While not very popular outside of Janus' service, they are available to anyone. All have a duration of the check digit in minutes.

Corporeal: This Song causes a strong breeze to waft forth from the performer's hands, with a strength of up to (5 mph times the performer's Corporeal Forces). It will reach out to approximately (10 times the Song's Level) in yards, fading away gradually after that.

Ethereal: Evoking the old saying, "Smell the Breeze", this Song causes a soft wind to carry a scent into the area. The scent will not be particularly strong, and is strictly imaginary (i.e., the scent of tear gas will be unpleasant, but have no other effect). The area that can be affected is the performer's Ethereal Forces times the Song Level, in cubic yards.

Celestial: This Song binds a zephyr to the performer, keeping the airflow around him tightly controlled. While so affected, no scent will eminate from the performer. Additionally, dust and dirt over a hard surface will *not* be disturbed by his passage. Finally, the performer may add the Song's Level to any roll to resist gases, smoke, etc.

Affinity: the Wind
Essence Cost: 1
Degree of Disturbance: The check digit.


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