Numinous Corpus: Goo

By Beth McCoy


The demon (of Lust, natch, and go ahead and keep your mind in the gutter) who discovered this Song was looking for an Ornamental NC -- but what it found was much, much, much more interesting.

Lasting for the usual CD hours, the performer may cause a very slick, flavorless, scentless, transparent lubricant to ooze from his or her skin. This may be controlled separately, as well: a single hand may be "goo'ed", or the entire body, or any combination. It takes approximately 30 seconds to get to full "goo" state, and as many for parts exposed to air to quickly dry once the Song is demanifested or expires.

Besides the obvious uses for Servitors of Lust (and some less-obvious ones, such as nude Twister...), this Song makes it hard to hold onto the performer! Once the goo has built up to full slickness, subtract the singer's level with the Song from all attempts to grapple or pin him/her, or add that level to the singer's attempts to Escape from bonds.

At the GM's discretion, it may temporarily oil a door (run a goo'ed finger along the hinges) or otherwise be transferrable to good effect, till it dries.

(Usual Essence costs and Degree of Disturbance for Numinous Corpus.)


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