The Song of Overlooking (Celestial)

By Moe Lane


The Song of Overlooking takes advantage of the normal human tendency to ignore or selectively edit anything that simply makes no coherent sense. While this Song is in effect, the target may use his, her or its supernatural abilities without any real fear of detection by normal humans: every time an 'impossible' activity is performed in front of humans, the observers must make a Will Roll at -3 to successfully perceive it. A failed roll will result in the observer coming up with some sort of rationalization that explains away the anomaly. As an added benefit, mechanical recording devices will also simply fail to register the target's supernatural activities.

The catch, however, is that this Song only works on humans without Symphonic Awareness: everyone else (and this will include animals) doesn't even need to roll. It's also Essence hungry, and quite loud.

This Song is currently banned: while very useful, it encourages the worst sorts of sloppiness. Both Dominic and Asmodeus have spent far too much time cleaning up after disasters spawned by this Song to tolerate the use of it. Unfortunately, both sides took a little too long to decide to stamp out use of the Song of Overlooking: just as unfortunately, fairly solid rumor suggests that most Superiors have let their own most favored Servitors keep it...

Bonus: Balseraph
Available: Officially, nobody.
Essence Requirement: 5
Duration: CD hours
Degree of Disturbance: 4 x CD


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