The Songs of Blood

By Manny Nepomuceno


(These Songs are not the same as those listed in the Liber Canticorum, and should not be mistaken for such. -- Ed.)

The Songs of Blood were developed by some of Beleth's Habbalah, working out of a secret facility in the Marches. When used properly, the Songs create blood: ordinary, Type O+ human blood, although a thorough examination of said blood will show that it came from no living creature. Servitors of Nightmares receive special effects and bonuses with their use of this Song.

Corporeal: The Corporeal Song of Blood creates blood from nothingness -- not a lot of it, but enough to scribble a few words or to trickle "tears" down a statue's face. The target must be within line of sight of the celestial. The blood lasts for up to ( (performer's skill level + Essence spent) x check digit) minutes, after which it mysteriously vanishes. Not so for Servitors of Nightmares, however, as the blood they generate with this Song clots and remains, leaving everyone puzzled as to the source and nature of the blood. Also, double the time that the blood remains fresh for Beleth's Servitors.

Ethereal: The Ethereal Song of Blood is far more insidous. The blood is generated in the target's mind, not in physical reality. While the target is under the influence of the Song, everyone he sees will be bathed in blood. Walls will drip, the rug underfoot will squish, and the copper smell of congealing blood will be thick in his nostrils. Everything will be sticky with blood. Celestials so targeted may shake off the song with a successful Perception roll (subtract the performer's skill level from the roll for this purpose). Barring this, the Song lasts for up to ( (performer's skill level + Essence spent) x check digit) minutes -- an eternity for the poor, hapless target. Servitors of Nightmares receive a special bonus: their targets suffer twice as long! The target must be in line of sight for the Song to work, but for Servitors of Beleth, their dreamscapes will work just as well.

Celestial: The Celestial Song of Blood changes any liquid to blood. Fountains will pour blood, rivers will run red, and that mass wine that the priest is consecrating will cause a stir when he drinks it. The Song may even be performed on already-existing blood (which will change into Type O+, disease-free blood, ready for transfusion, much to the chagrin of its creators). This change is permanent. The amount of liquid that can be changed into blood is equal to ( (performer's skill level + Essence spent) x check digit) liters. Double this amount for Servitors of Nightmares. As with the other versions of this song, the target must be in line of sight to work properly.

Bonus: Nightmares
Essence requirement: 2
Degree of disturbance: the check digit.


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