The Song of Scolding

By Unni Solaas


Novalis has more than one dirty little trick hidden up her sleeve. One of her most effective tricks is a Song that can make even other Archangels quite nervous. It is a Song that Novalis discovered a very long time ago, and there is speculations that she has shared it with a few ethereal mother godesses. She has certainly shared it with Zadkiel.

It is rumored that she once used this Song to give Andrealphus a piece of her mind after he went a bit too far with one of her angels. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that His Princelyness spent the next three days not having any kind of sex, and being very ashamed and appologising a lot about his...uhm..yeah..well.. *blush* As I said: No evidence. Whatsoever.

Novalis has been quite careful when handing out this Song. She only gives it out to specially favored servitors of the maternal persuation. She also uses it very sparingly. It tends to come as a big and rather nasty surprise when she does use it, though. A scolding from Novalis is not something anyone forgets. Ever.

Song of Scolding (Ethereal)

By expending two notes of Essence the performer may make a single celestial or human, or a small group by expending an extra note of Essence, feel Really Bad and Very Guilty about something the performer finds questionable, unethical, wrong, suboptimal, etc. The target will try and make amends in whatever more or less reasonable way the performer points out.

Can this Song be resisted? You wish... *evil smile* Ethereal Song of Shields protects you, but such willfull refusal to recive the proper telling-off will probably result in you getting an even worse telling off later...

Disturbance: None, if the performer is a cherub in a female vessel. 1 + essence used if othervise.


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