Song of Reincarnation

By Moe Lane


These Songs were first discovered by ethereals, centuries before the Purity Crusade. Heaven acquired them during that conflict (using somewhat impolite methods): Hell merely forced their tame gods to cough up the knowledge. Today, they are mostly known only by Servitors of Dreams/Nightmares and Destiny/Fate: Nybbas knows them as well, but doesn't often bother to provide them. The past is the past, baby.

Note that these Songs only work on mortals who have actually reincarnated: attempting to use a Song of Reincarnation on one that has not (GM call) will result in (CD) points of Mind Hit damage to the performer per attempt. The same backlash will occur if the target of the Song is a celestial or ethereal.


This Song attempts to tap into the experiences (and experience) of past lives. A successful use of this Song will allow the target (which may also be the performer) to add (half the CD, rounded up) to one Skill, for the duration of the Song. The Skill must be chosen before rolling, and cannot be too modern. This is a general call: for example, boosting Driving and/or most combat skills would be fine, Chemistry and Engineering would be iffy and Computer Operation and Electronics would be not permitted. This Song may not be performed upon the target again until the first one ends.


The target experiences his or her past lives ... all at once. This mental assault will cause CD Mind Hits for every Essence spent. However, if the target is sufficiently strong-willed he or she will instinctively grasp out for memories of combat. In game terms, a successful Will roll by the target will result in the equivalent of the Corporeal Song being performed on them. The increased Skill will be to whatever weapon that they hold (or Fighting, if they have no weapons in hand) and the bonus will be the unmodified CD of the Will Roll.


This Song actually causes the target to manifest a personality from his or her past life. This personality will have the memories and mundane abilities of their past life, but not that of the modern personality. However, the target will still be able to speak the native language of the modern personality (although usually with the appropriate accent). If the performer knows of a particular past life, he or she may evoke it by taking a -3 to the Song roll.

Bonus: Fate, Destiny
Available: Dreams, Destiny, Fate, the Media, Nightmares
Essence Requirement: 1 to 4
Duration: 1 minute per Essence spent (Corporeal & Celestial); instantaneous (Ethereal)
Degree of Disturbance: 2


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