The Songs of WTF

By Kamika-Z


Yes, I came up with these while bored.

Yes, I have SongBook.

No, these are utterly non-playtested.

Song of WTF

Originally thought to be nothing more than a rather poorly named joke, this particular Song was discovered by an intensely eccentric Ofanite of Eli with a history of service that made almost no sense, on examination. A few years after his creation, Eli started on his sabbatical, so to speak; in turn, he was placed in the service of Revelation, where his truthfulness managed to even annoy the Seraphs when coupled with his fixation with truths that made people squirm or want to run screaming from the room. Seeing as how this was not the best use for him, Revelations transferred the Wheel to Gabriel's service, where he eagerly inflicted 'Poetic Justice' on the cruel, displaying a sense of humor that confounded as often as it entertained. After a surprisingly short, dissonance-free tour, he was next shifted over to Janus, who took an immediate liking to the amusing little Ofanite. The angeel was honest, but fond of fictions of a distinctively non-provable, purely hypothetical nature. Things that shook up peoples beliefs and views. Things that, in a way, really hurt the brain badly.

When one mission for the Wind ended up dropping this Wheel right in Eli's path, Eli welcomed his Servitor and, after having a good chuckle at the tales his creation told him, sent the Servitor off to keep doing what he does best.

Somewhere along the way, he ended up with a Word.

Namely, the Word of Cognitive Dissonance.

This Song was inspired by the reactions of the Seraphim Council when this odd little Truth was revealed.

Corporeal Song of WTF: Causes one Utterly Improbable (but perfectly plausible) event to occur, which will serve as sufficient distraction to turn attention elsewhere. Causes things like Kobal used to amused with, once upon a time ago.

Ethereal Song of WTF: causes one positively harmless-yet-bizarre flight of fancy; can be as intuitive and cryptic as the GM desires. Occupies the mind of the recepient for Check Digit minutes, after which a Will roll must be made; if failed, they remain perplexed that much longer as they try to figure out why such weirdness happened in their heads in the first place...

Celestial Song of WTF: effectively serves the purpose of being an epiphany the likes of which cannot be (and is best left un-) explained. Just, suddenly, something that may be completely unrelated will come around and make itself known, usually accomplished with a forehead-smack. Short form; it lets the GM smack the player on the head with a clue-by-four.

Essence Cost: 2 for Corporeal/Ethereal, 3 for Celestial
Degree of Disturbance: 2 for Corporeal, 1 for Ethereal, None for Celestial


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