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Bring Players Together! Backstab Your Friends! Backstab Their Friends!


Build community and make your store the go-to spot for Munchkin players with #PlayMunchkin events! Steve Jackson Games offers lots of support to make events easy to host, and it's a great way to help grow your customer base.

A #PlayMunchkin event can happen anytime and anywhere, taking the form of a demo day, a free-play night, or a tournament. The only requirement is that people . . . play Munchkin!

Plan your event today with help from:

  • Retail Kits: These are limited in number, so sign up early! We offer a new kit every few months. Receive demo games and promo items such as Munchkin cards and bookmarks to hand out at all your events.

  • MIB Volunteer Program: Our volunteers have their own collections of demo games, as well as lots of experience running Munchkin events. Request a MIB here. Do you have customers you think would be perfect for this program? Point them to!

  • Social Media Prizes: Let all your players know that if they share pictures of themselves on social media with #PlayMunchkin, they will automatically be entered to win prizes! If they mention your store in the post, your store will also be entered to win a monthly retailer prize and be featured in our Retailer Newsletter.

A word to Munchkin fans: If your own friendly local game store isn't holding #PlayMunchkin events, give them this link so they can find out just how easy it is to get in on the Munchkin action!

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