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"Play Munchkin Like a Pirate" Game Week!


To celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day (Tuesday, September 19), Steve Jackson Games invites stores to host a "Play Munchkin Like a Pirate" Game Day anytime during the week of September 15 to September 22. All you need is the "Play Munchkin Like a Pirate" Event Kit, though retailers who need to stock the game, you could pick up the "Play Munchkin Like a Pirate" Bundle instead, which includes the kit plus some games and boosters.

The event aims to help you build community in your store by getting people playing Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition.

Please use the contents of this kit only for promotional purposes. Do not resell the contents of this kit. Thank you.

About Your "Play Munchkin Like a Pirate" event:

  • Hold it any time during the week of September 15, 2017 through September 22, 2017, and your customers will have the chance to participate in a #PlayMunchkin contest. Customers who post a photo of a Munchkin Booty game to social media using the #PlayMunchkin hashtag, and tag @SJGames on Twitter and Facebook or @SteveJacksonGames on Instagram with #PlayMunchkin, are automatically entered to win a signed copy of Munchkin Booty Guest Artist Edition. If they also tag your store, your store could win a retailer prize!

  • The kit should arrive a few weeks before September 15, so use the 18" × 24" poster inside to promote your event.

  • As the event draws closer, we'll post PDFs you can print out for fliers and smaller posters, as well as images you can use on social media to promote your event. You'll find these at our Retailers Portal.

  • Can't host an event that week? That's OK. You can still pick up the kit and run the event at your convenience. There just won't be a #PlayMunchkin social media contest going on.

  • Questions or comments? Email Retail Liaison Ariel Barkhurst at

A word to Munchkin fans: If you are seeing this page and you're not a retailer, send it on to your Friendly Local Game Stores!

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