Autoduel QuarterlyVolume 4Issue 1


  1. Can you corner mount a weapon in the front/top or front/bottom location?
  2. Can you have an EWP pointing up or down?
  3. Can you put a driver in a cupola turret?
  4. Can you mount a turret larger than 4 spaces on a building?
  5. Can you shoot a dropped weapon without putting it on automatic?
  6. If you shoot a dropped weapon without putting it on automatic, and later that turn you get rammed and a bumper trigger sets it off, will it shoot?
  7. Can you put a passenger in external weapon pods?
  8. Can you start a battle with three tires?

- Raul Essig, San Rafael, CA

  1. 3. 4. 6. 7. ) No.
  2. 5. 8. ) Yes.


  1. If a limpet beacon is activated inside a car, will it still attract guided weapons?
  2. What is the range of a limpet beacon?
  3. How long does it take to remove a limpet beacon, and what tools are required?
  4. Will an Automatic Targeting Acquisition Device continually shoot at a target within its range, or will it only fire once? If it shoots more than once, will it gain a bonus for sustained fire?
  5. Would an ATAD be capable of shooting down a wire- or radar-guided missile?

- Sudhir Bhalla, Beaconsfield, Quebec

  1. Yes.
  2. Greater than the range of any weapon it attracts, so it's effectively infinite.
  3. It takes 5 minutes, and requires a crowbar (which is standard in any tool kit).
  4. It will shoot every turn, but it won't get a sustained fire bonus, because it does not analyze previous shots as a targeting aid (like a live gunner does).
  5. Yes.


  1. Can a sustained fire targeting modifier be acquired by aiming at a particular target but not pulling the trigger?
  2. Is a sustained fire bonus lost if you shift your fire to a tire or turret on the same vehicle?

- Randy Harrington, San Pedro, CA

  1. The sustained fire advantage is gained when you pull the trigger, see where the shot goes, and adjust from there. You can't get the bonus just by aiming.
  2. No, you're still targeting the same vehicle, so the sustained fire bonus still counts.


  1. Can a windshield be tinted and no-paint?
  2. Can you put a universal pop-up turret underneath a grasshopper? If so how large could it be?

- David Shapiro, Boulder CO

  1. Sure. Just pay the extra costs for both ($1,500 total, no space or weight).
  2. Sure. The size limit is the same as for regular turrets. For a mid-size or luxury, that's two spaces.


  1. Is talking between players about alliances and tactics allowed in a duel? People claim that radios allow this, but don't duels happen to fast?
  2. If a person in a vehicle has a PFT, does its weight count against vehicle weight, or does it only count if its raw cargo?
  3. Do wheelguards protect from front and back fire, or only side fire?
  4. Targeting a tire is at -3, and a compact is -1. Is a compact's tire then -4?
  5. Is targeting the front of a turret an extra -1 over the -2 for a turret?

- Robbie Gates, Australia

  1. I allow it, because it's fun and adds color to the events. But technically, you're right - there's not nearly enough time in a duel for all the communication that goes on. It's up to each individual referee to balance the "realism" of the time constraints against the fun of hearing challenges issued, threats made, etc.
  2. This is a glitch in the rules. Currently we do not add the weight of carried hand weapons to the weight of a vehicle when the person carrying the hand weapons gets in - that's to make the complicated weight calculations a little less so. If you want to do it, though, go ahead. But another point - how does your character fit in a driver's or gunner's seat wearing that giant flamethrower pack on his back?(Note: The weight of all personal items now counts toward vehicle weight)
  3. Wheelguards protect tires on a 1-4 from fire from all angles. The new Armored Wheel Hubs, on the other hand, only protect from the side.
  4. That's right. Targeting modifiers are cumulative.
  5. That's not right. Turrets are an exception to the "cumulative modifiers" rule, because no matter how you're facing the car (front, back or side), the turret is the same size. So targeting a turret from the front of a car is -2 for the turret, but not -1 for the front. Other modifiers, like the speed of the targeting vehicle, visibility, etc., would still apply.


Can passengers in or on a car or cycle place limpet mines or beacons by being alongside the target vehicle and traveling at the same speed?

- Dave Malis, Cincinnati, OH

From inside a car, no. On a car or cycle, yes. Use the now famous "two dice and pray method" when determining success.


  1. Does a personal flamethrower do full damage to vehicles, or half-damage like other hand weapons?
  2. Can dropped weapons like mine, spike, and ice droppers and oil jets be set for continuous operation like smoke screens and paint sprays?
  3. Does a No-Paint Windshield work against a paint gun?
  4. If I have a HC of 3 and lose a wheel, what is my new HC?
  1. Full damage.
  2. Yes.
  3. Definitely.
  4. It depends. Assuming the wheel is the only one on a given corner, your handling status drops to -6 immediately. Then, at the end of the turn, you'll get a chance to recover some handling, based on the base HC of the vehicle and the skill of the driver. The base HC of the vehicle is no longer 3, however. If the final damage that destroyed the tire was a result of debris, obstacles, spikes, excessive braking, or other road conditions, the penalty is 2 - The new base HC is 1. If the final damage that destroyed the tire was a result of enemy gunfire or mines, the entire wheel (hub and everything) is considered lost, so the penalty is 3 - your new base HC is 0.


  1. Are there any rules for the effects of nuclear weapons in Car Wars (for instance, being 20 miles from an explosion)?
  2. Do the extra magazines count toward the 1/3 of spaces per side rule?
  3. Does a cluster bomb do 2 dice or 4 (normal plus burst) of damage to the target vehicle?

-Scott Drellishak, San Marino, CA

  1. No, thank goodness (Note: There are now).
  2. Yes.
  3. The burst effect of the cluster bomb (and any other burst effect weapon for that matter) does its damage to other items in the burst radius, not the target - the target is in enough trouble already.


If a weapon has component armor on it, and it is inside a turret, is the armor taking up space within the turret?

- Brian P. Rogers, Hartland, MI



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