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FnordCon FAQs

Why did it take nearly 40 years to start a SJ Games convention?

The stars were not yet right.

Will there be 24-hour gaming?

The gaming rooms will close at 10. Go get some sleep and hit it again in the morning! Of course, you can play in the lobby if you want to . . .

Can I volunteer to help? Game Master, gopher, whatever?

Without volunteers there will be much less fun. So, yes. Contact Steve at

Will there be Car Wars / Munchkin / TFT / Ogre / GURPS / giant stinging insects?

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and no. What, you thought I wasn't paying attention?

Will games from outside SJ Games be played?

Our only actual programming is in our own games, and we ask that until 6pm the open gaming areas be reserved for our own games. After that, anything goes, though we may limit CAH and the screamy games to a single area to avoid frightening the horses.

Will there be another "Steve vs. the World" Ogre event?

Sure. Steve had fun even though he got beaten more than once at FnordCon 1. Can you destroy him this year?

Will there be swag again?

Oh, yes, SO much swag. And an extra, different swag gift comes with each room at checkin.

Will Phil do the chicken dance again?

Phil did not do the chicken dance last year. Is this fake news? How did this even get in here? Where are my fnords?

Is there food?

The hotel has a nice restaurant and a coffee shop. There's fast food within a short drive.

What about transportation?

Parking at the hotel is free, and the hotel is right on the freeway and easy to find. For those flying: the hotel has its own $10 airport shuttle, which is way better than the $25 average taxi ride.

Will cosplay be allowed?

Yes; just show some common sense. The gist: Don't use live steel or real/airsoft guns, don't do Nazis, and don't touch without invitation.

Will photos be okay?

Of our staff, sure. Of cosplayers, ask permission first and it will probably be happily granted.

Will there be one-day badges?

No. One $40 badge, full access, full swag.

What is your policy about kids?

13-17 — full ticket cost, gets a badge, must stay in sight of parent at all times (we cannot provide babysitting), must not create a disturbance, is encouraged to whip the older players at Munchkin, politely.

Under 13 — Free with parent; does not get a badge. May play in appropriate games if a parent is also playing and the other players don't object. Other rules as above! Note that we do not have any children's activities scheduled.

What about accessibility?

All function spaces are accessible. There are some outdoor areas that are not accessible, but we won't be using them.

There are only three of what they call "handicapped" guest rooms, so if you think you need one, reserve it early! If you don't need this facility, please leave it for someone who does.

The hotel, unfortunately, does not have mobies for rental.

Did FnordCon 1 make money?

Heck, no. But we considered it a success because everyone had a good time. #2 probably won't, either. It's a marketing expense, an opportunity to meet our biggest fans, and maybe a seed sown for later.

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