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FnordCon 2.3 (Virtual) Schedule

Events are an hour long, with 30 minutes between.

All times local Austin (CDT). The first real Stuff starts at 10am on Saturday, October 10th.

Are you unfamiliar with Discord (the system we use to run our online event)? Click here for a one-page guide to logging on and using the FnordCon Discord server!

Our Discord server (FnordCon) can be found here: Note that there will be limited access until it fully opens at 6pm.



  • On: The Discord server will be open to the public at 6pm on Friday, Oct. 9. No activities are planned, but attendees may register and chat in the con suite.
  • Off: Attendees are welcome to chat and review the panel logs until the server is turned off on Monday, Oct.12.


  • The con suite is where you can meet other attendees, guests, panelists, and dealers. This area is open for casual conversation throughout the weekend.



  • 9am – Doors open. Welcome session, Discord practice, open chat in the con suite and dealer room. Steve Jackson, Jimmie Bragdon, Phil Reed, Tollenkar, Jean McGuire, others!
  • 10am – Welcome! Ask Us Anything: Steve and Phil
  • 11:30am – Munchkin: SJ and Alain and Ross Thompson. from the Op. And Eric Lang, the co-designer of Munchkin Dungeon!
  • 1pm – Car Wars: Randy and Ben.
  • 2:30pm – GURPS: Sean, SMarsh, and Douglas Cole of Gaming Ballistic.
  • 4pm – What's New: Phil and Hunter.
  • 5:30pm – TFT: Steve, Doug, and Andrew Walters, who coded the TFT Helper.
  • 7pm – AMA – a session with our GoH, Liz Danforth.
  • 8:30pm – Post-mortem and closing chat.



  • 10am-9pm – Blitz game of UltraCorps, ticks every 30 minutes! 23 turns. Special honors for those who have not played before – best expansion for a new player, best finish for a new player.
  • 11:30am-1pm – TFT Adventure on Roll20: Tomb of Logrim Chiseltoe, for up to 6 players. *
  • Noon-2pm – Z-Shot may run longer if players request.
  • 1pm-4pm – TFT adventure on Roll20, Harvest of the Dark Forest, for up to 8 players. *
  • 2pm-6pm – Tribes with Alex, using a new Discord bot. *
  • 2:30pm-4pm – TFT Adventure on Roll20: Murbag's Sunken Den, for up to 6 players. *
  • 6pm – Deadly Doodles with Hunter, on Zoom (link on Discord schedule).

* We do not have automated registration. Games are free; first come, first served, and there will be a waiting list, just in case. If you are interested in joining any of these games, please drop e-mail to



  • Four dealers: Wintertree, Gaming Ballistic, Tollenkar, Liz Danforth. Hours are whatever they say they are.

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