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Job Opportunities at SJ Games

Last Revised June 19, 2014

Please note: We do not post our vacancies to any online services, and we do not consider any applications which are routed through them. If you see a SJ Games job posted with an online service, we didn't authorize it; the service scraped it off our website and reposted it to waste your time. If you want to work for us, contact us directly!

Warehouse 23 Online Manager | Editor

Warehouse 23 Online Manager

Job Description

Mission: The Warehouse 23 Online Manager is responsible for our direct sales effort. In general, keep our catalog interesting and active; keep our online profile high and favorable. The Warehouse 23 Manager is also responsible for enhancing the reputation of Steve Jackson Games by providing exceptional customer service to its mail-order customers.

Reports to: Director of Sales. Supervises indirectly the Warehouse 23 Clerk and any active freelance artists, programmers, web and database maintainers, and so on. Could eventually supervise a part-time webmaster who would work only on the catalog. Works closely with Digital Products Line Editor, Marketing Staff, Webmaster, (to coordinate the SJ Games and Warehouse 23 websites), and Production, for graphics and ad creation.


  1. Web catalog updating.
    1. In general, make sure our online catalog is always fresh, attractive, up to date and easy to use.
    2. Update W23 News section at least weekly. More often is better.
    3. Periodically review and update product descriptions, per TRON or the OEM's website.
    4. Creation of new item pages as soon as release date is announced in TRON, to allow for release date tracking and pre-orders for our online customers.
  2. Marketing and promotion.
    1. Recommend policies that will encourage buyers to order more often and order more each time.
    2. Work with Marketing Director and Production to create ads for W23 and spend its advertising budget to best promote W23.
    3. Work with Marketing Director to conduct banner trades and other free promotional tactics to bring more people to our catalog.
    4. Recommend other marketing initiatives, including W23 exclusives, sales, con-attendance discounts.
    5. Be aware of competition.
  3. Oversight.
    1. Track performance of all lines and products so we know what is doing well and what is doing poorly.
      • Emphasize successful lines, and look for similar ones.
      • Find ways to improve the performance of unsuccessful lines, or drop them.
    2. Find ways to make our whole catalog order and fulfillment process more efficient. Constantly review the way we get and fulfill orders.
    3. Spend some time each week answering email, on the phone, and looking at web orders, to stay in touch with the reality of order processing.
    4. Continue to document all parts of the process, including the new storefront, so new employees can be added as needed, or so someone else can step in to help from other departments.
    5. Creation of weekly reports with the detailed analysis of both sales, inventory lag, hot movers, site analytics, and new reports as requested from management.
  4. Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements:

  • Retail experience, or experience with direct sales through web or mail order, will be a big plus.
  • Must be highly organized and comfortable with basic inventory paperwork.
  • Should probably be either a gamer or an ex-gamer, fully in tune with the hobby and capable of understanding what our customers would like to buy.
  • Must be capable of clear and organized writing.
  • Computer and net literacy are required. HTML and rudimentary Unix skills will be necessary but can be taught. PC and spreadsheet skills will be necessary, and we'd rather not teach them, but might for the right candidate.
  • Working experience with inventory control and online storefronts a must.
  • An academic knowledge of marketing will be helpful but not required. If the W23 Online Manager can predict customers' needs and desires, and fill those desires, the W23 Online Manager does not need to know the marketing terminology for what he or she is doing!

Physical Demands of the Position: The employee will be responsible for rearranging inventory; this will require lifting and moving packages weighing up to 30 lbs. Should not suffer from any condition which contraindicates working with packages of this weight. A significant amount of typing is necessary. Should not suffer from any condition which makes typing difficult or painful (and should take appropriate ergonomic precautions to avoid the possibility of repetitive stress injury).

This is a full-time position, located at our home office in Austin. Normal hours are Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Please send your resume (as text or PDF), last name first in the filename, to our HR Manager, at Put [WAREHOUSE 23 ONLINE MANAGER] in the subject, so it doesn't get lost.


Job Description

Mission: Through direct interaction with line editors and production staff, ensure that no grammatical, formatting, style, continuity, or licensing errors in submitted products make it to print. Make sure no product gets out the door unless it meets our highest standards, and help other staffers learn to avoid errors and improve their own work. Conduct training with other departments on various publishing tools used in editorial processes.

Reports to: Managing Editor


  1. Copyediting and proofing
    1. Read and examine all products with a close eye for grammar, style, and continuity with previous products (if any).
    2. Evaluate all products for layout issues, such as badly sized or pixilated art, coloring errors in art, text flow problems, and proper facing.
    3. Ensure the accuracy of all credits and legal text present in a product, including trademarks, copyrights, licensee credits, and other required marks.
    4. Suggest corrections to any errors found, in accordance with in-house style and content goals.
  2. Prepress checking
    1. Evaluate material before publication using checklists; sometimes the Print Buyer will also make a prepress examination of material, but the Editor MUST make a complete check.
    2. Coordinate with Production Manager to resolve all errors before product goes to print.
    3. Validate that any relevant errata has been integrated into final product.
  3. Developmental editing
    1. When first draft arrives from authors for products that do not have assigned line editors, check the delivery against required components for these products.
    2. Provide feedback to the authors for these projects.
    3. Acquire any internal or external resources such as art, cartography, marketing, or layout.
    4. Deadlines are king: ensure that all deadlines are shared, measured, and met.
    5. Coordinate any required playtests.
    6. Review and approve final draft before turnover to production.
  4. Attend post-mortems or follow-up debriefings if needed or if triggered by errors or process improvements
  5. Other duties as assigned; there will be many, and they will be quite varied

Job Requirements:

  • High school diploma, degree related to English and/or publishing preferable
  • At least five (5) years of editorial experience, gaming publication a plus
  • Pleasant, go-getter attitude
  • Mac OSX knowledge as well as InDesign and QuarkXpress
  • Familiarity with The Associated Press Stylebook a must, The Chicago Manual of Style a plus
  • Efficient time management skills
  • Literate in computers and Internet research, including Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Deadline-oriented or -tolerant a must

This is a full-time position in the Austin office. Normal hours are Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but this could change as deadlines warrant.

Please send your resume (as text or PDF), last name first in the filename, to our HR Manager, at Put [EDITOR] in the subject, so it doesn't get lost.

Your Resume

Any job application must be accompanied by a resume, attached as a PDF or Word document.

The filename must include YOUR NAME, as files named “resume.doc” are entirely too common.

Do NOT follow the common bad Internet advice to “keep your resume down to one page and list only the important things.” We’re interested in all your previous experience; we’re interested in your hobbies, skills, and interests. We have been known to recruit people for entirely different jobs, based on information we never would have gotten from a one-page resume.

Full-Time Staff

Obviously, the things we look for in a new employee depend on the job we have to fill. And for any job, we want somebody who can act professionally and remember that it is a job. We don't sit around all day and play games. A lot of any staff job is administrative. Some weeks, the really cool things are few and far between.

Most people who ask us about jobs are interested in game design and development, writing or editing, or possibly playtesting. But we don't have salaried playtesters on staff. We don't have any full-time designers on staff; we work with freelancers, and everyone here who is a writer or designer also wears at least one other hat. We do, though, have a few staffers who work, part or full time, as game editors.

We always look for experience when making a hiring decision. We're not likely to hire anyone, for any creative position, unless they have experience either with some other company or as a (successful) freelancer.

Everything we do involves the computer. We use it for communication, writing, proofreading, art and graphics, and layout. Any potential employee OR freelancer must be computer-literate.

We do not offer internships.

Oh, yes. We are a non-smoking office. We have smokers, but they go outside and suffer.


We pay your premiums for health, dental, and vision insurance (there is no co-pay). You only pay for additional family members you wish to cover. The insurance company does have the right to reject an applicant, but they have yet to reject anyone we have submitted.

Paid Time Off (PTO) starts accumulating on your first day. You can accumulate up to four weeks.

In addition to 7 paid holidays, for the past 4 years we have closed for a week at summer and the week between Christmas and New Year’s, both of which are also paid. We review this policy each year, and expect it to continue.

Regular in-house Game Days. Yes, these are days when we eat snacks and play games all day long . . . and still get paid.

On good years there might be bonuses. No promises. If we promised, it wouldn't be a bonus.

Somewhat flexible hours, depending on what you are doing. (But this is NOT a "show up when you feel like it" job. We expect your hours to be predictable, but we can be flexible in setting your in-out times, and most employees work four long days and then take Friday off.)

Possibilities for convention travel as a game demonstrator, even if your regular work isn't related to development or marketing.

Free and discounted games, woo hoo.

Education and Experience

If you're in school, you may wonder what classes you should take to prepare yourself for a career in game design. First, of course, you should learn to write quickly and clearly. Courses in journalism are usually better for this than any type of "creative writing" class. If you cannot write quickly, you'll starve. If you cannot write clearly, somebody else will get the job. While it is possible to be a genius creative talent who cannot write a grammatical sentence, we try to avoid them. There are lots of creative talents out there who can write clear sentences, and we like them better :-)

When writing rules, it helps to have a logical mind. Any class that trains this is worthwhile. Law or pre-law courses in Legislation and Contracts are good preparation for rules writing.

Breaking In

How do you break into the field, then? The short answer is: by writing magazine or blog articles on a freelance basis, and working up from there. It's not the only path, but it's a sure one, provided you have the ability at all! We'll be happy to see your submissions for Pyramid, and who knows what that can lead to?


We use lots of freelancers – writers, editors and artists. The Internet is wonderful. If you have reliable email and FTP capability, we can work with you no matter where in the world you are. Anyone interested in freelancing must know everything in our Authors' Guidelines.

Steve Jackson Games
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