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When you first start using GCA, clicking the Edit button in any trait window will bring up the Edit Items (Simple) window. Once you’ve been using GCA for a while, you might prefer to turn off the Simple window and use the full Edit Items window instead. The choice is up to you, but for most of what you do, the Simple window is probably sufficient.

Edit Items (Simple) Window

The Simple Edit window allows you to change the name or name extension (the part that shows in parentheses) of any trait. It also allows you to change the level of advantages, disadvantages, skills, or spells that have levels. Nothing else on this window can be edited.

For informational purposes, this window also shows you the bonuses currently being applied to the trait, what other traits are required by the item (prerequisites, or needs), what bonuses are granted by this item, and any modifiers (enhancements or limitations) currently applied to the item.

You can access the Full Edit window for the item by clicking the Full Edit Window button.

You can access the Modifiers window for the item by clicking the Modifiers button (which also has the hammer & screwdriver icon on it).

Once you have made your desired changes, you can click OK or Cancel, to save or discard your changes, respectively.

Edit Items (Simple) Window – Equipment Only

This version of the Simple Edit window is the same in function as the regular Simple Edit window; it allows you to change the name or name extension of the equipment item being edited. However, it will also allow you to directly enter a quantity for the item, so you don’t have to use the up/down button. You can still use the up/down button, of course. Also, this Simple Edit window shows the various weapon statistics, instead of the information shown on the other version.

You can access the Full Edit window for the item by clicking the Full Edit Window button.

Once you have made your desired changes, you can click OK or Cancel to save or discard your changes, respectively.

Edit Items Window

The Edit Items window will allow you to edit many items at once, if you select them all before clicking on the Edit button in the trait window.

This window has two viewing modes: Vertical, shown above, and Horizontal. These have the same information, but Vertical lists each trait’s information in columns, while Horizontal lists it in rows.

The information on this page will differ slightly depending on the trait you are editing, and some fields cannot be changed (usually the Points and Level of the item). To make a change, click on the field you want to edit, and enter the new information.

Note that you are allowed to change things like Cost, which will alter how the item is treated in GCA. It’s possible that a changed trait will no longer comply with the GURPS Fourth Edition rules, and may make your character invalid for use in certain campaigns. Be sure to consult with your GM before making such changes.

You can add, edit, or remove modifiers for the currently selected trait by clicking on the Modifiers button at the bottom of the window.

You can raise or lower the level of the currently selected trait by clicking the up/down button next to the Modifiers button. If the trait has only one level, you will not be able to change it.

The Advanced… button calls up the Edit Item Advanced window. This provides even more access to trait properties, and using it could create an unusable item.

The Add Tag button is another advanced feature, allowing you to add additional properties to the trait (called tags in GCA parlance). In general, GCA ignores tags that it doesn’t understand, so you can use the Add Tag feature to create custom data fields for your own personal projects.

A quick rundown on some of the tags:

Cat: How the traits are categorized. Categories are used in many ways within GCA, including granting certain kinds of bonuses and printing in certain areas on the character sheet.

Cost: The cost progression for the trait. If the cost is listed as cost/cost, then the item has at least two levels, possibly more. (Affliction, for example, has a listed cost of “10/20”; 10 points for one level, 20 points for two.)

BonusLevels: The number of levels the trait is getting as a result of any bonuses being applied.

Upto: The maximum number of levels that can be purchased for this trait.

Needs: Any other traits this trait requires.

Taboo: Any other traits that are considered taboo to this one.

TabooText: The taboo traits this character currently has.

Gives: Any bonuses this trait gives to other traits.

BonusList: Any bonuses that are currently being received by this trait.

See Also: Modifiers Window

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