Ryo-ohki fragment ("cabbit" form)

Cute little critter/Werestarship

[Created By: Bob Schroeck <rms@cnj.digex.net>]
Based on a character from the wonderful Tenchi Muyo! anime ("Japanimation") series

8 inches long, 4 inches at shoulder; weight 2 lbs. Brown fur with white "socks" on feet, huge golden-brown eyes, enormous catlike ears filled with white fur, oval red gem embedded in forehead just above and between eyes.


ST 1
DX 10
IQ 13
HT 15/50

Speed: 6.25, Move: 6
[You're on your own to make the starship stats. --arcangel]


Appearance: Attractive, Charisma +5, Insubstantiality, PD 6.

Psi/Super Powers & Skills:

PK Power 50
. Telekinesis-18
. Levitation-25
Absorb Matter-18 (1) (Matter cannot be released)


Mute, No Fine Manipulators, Gluttony, Compulsive Behavior: Find the primary Ryo-ohki and join with her.


Only eats carrots; Sits on people's heads; Says nothing but "Miya!" (pron. "mee-yah!") in varying emotional tones; Never remembers to turn on the insubtantiality first before trying to walk through things


Flight-15, Gesture-18, Area Knowledge (MegaTokyo)-12.


[This was created for a cross-worlds tournament. There are references in here to Tenchi Muyo!, Bubblegum Crisis, and possibly others... --arcangel]

Ryo-ohki (in Japanese, "Grand Emperor Demon") is a TL16 bio-technomagical construct created by Washuu, a 20,000-year-old humanoid who claims to be the universe's greatest scientist. Ryo-ohki is a shapeshifter who was initially designed with two forms -- a small, extraordinarily cute animal that looks like a cross between a cat and a rabbit, and a massive, almost indestructible starship/battleship; later on, she acquired the ability to shift into both adult and child humanoid forms. If Ryo-ohki is destroyed, she has the ability to produce an egg, which will hatch into another Ryo-ohki with all her predecessor's memories and substantially the same personality.

In ship form, Ryo-ohki's mind is housed (or perhaps replicated) in dozens of blue, diamond-shaped control crystals that orbit the ship's command deck. Under certain conditions, these crystals can each morph into a separate "cabbit" and act essentially independently of each other.

The Ryo-ohki found by the party is one such control crystal; she is, in fact, a remnant of the first Ryo-ohki's original disastrous crash on Earth back in the early 1990's, found by a Denetech survey team and being studied before a report is submitted to Genom. As a control crystal and not the entire ship, this Ryo-ohki is quite limited. Most notably, she cannot morph into a starship, and her existence predates the second Ryo-ohki's acquisition of a humanoid form. She does, however, retain her massive TK power and her ability to pass through solid objects at will. While she can use her TK to fly, most of the time she merely augments her hopping, often bounding 5 or 6 feet at a time. She also retains her ability to consume virtually any substance (she once ate the barrel of a gun pointed at her), but prefers carrots to absolutely anything else.

Ryo-ohki possesses a desire to return to Washuu and be reintegrated with the primary Ryo-ohki, and to this end will manipulate the party into Washuu's Lab (which she is ill-equipped, even with her telekinesis, to operate).

Personality-wise, Ryo-ohki is an odd blend of animal and human behaviors. While she is sentient, her mind does not function in quite the same verbal manner as a human's, and she is animal enough to trigger a character's Animal Empathy. The best guide to her behavior is to think of Lassie from the classic TV series -- she appears to be at least as smart as the people around her (and smarter than some), but in a quantifiably different way.

She has a habit of picking one person whom she likes and sitting on that person's head whenever she's not doing something.

She is very expressive in her emotions (roll against her Gesture skill); it is very hard not to know what Ryo-ohki is feeling. Most of the time she tends to be relentlessly cheery and rather perky; another way of putting it is "Disney cute". Characters with a weakness for cute things and/or little furry animals (particularly cat-lovers) will go into spasms of adoration when they see Ryo-ohki.

[References to the following characters are to PCs from the tournament. You can safely ignore them.]

If Alan Cloud-Rider is part of the party, he will believe Ryo-ohki to be some kind of spirit animal, and will be able to hear her "speak", using a little girl's voice. While her vocabulary and syntax will be limited, she will occasionally be able to express very sophisticated concepts -- mostly anything related to space, flight, starships and possibly computers. And carrots.

Farabrindle can read Ryo-okhi's mind, but at -4 to skill; like the boomers, Ryo-ohki qualifies as both organic and inorganic, machine and life, and so on, for various abilities.

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