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Pyramid Wish List

Last Updated: September 18, 2014

Pyramid is a monthly PDF magazine with a new theme each month.

Based on our reader preferences, the vast majority of articles we seek are GURPS or generic articles. We might be inspired to run the occasional non-GURPS, non-systemless article, but they'll be the exception, and such articles will need to be exceptional. Please feel free to send proposals for articles using other systems, but don't be offended if we don't think there will be enough of an audience for a particular piece.

Although we'd like to run issues in the rough order below, the exact order of all issues are subject to change; we might even end up canceling some of those issues if we don't get enough good submissions.

Space Atlas

Science-fiction settings always need exciting new worlds to boldly explore. They could be one-shot "this world has a problem, let's solve it" type locales, or a world that strives to be a major player on the galactic scene. Ideal worlds would be designed to apply to as many different campaigns as possible (mind-controlling shapechanging aliens are as big a threat to galaxy-spanning space-opera heroes as they are to TL8 Mars landers), but we'll consider any world that sparks our imagination.

2,000 out of 25,000 words filled
  filled   needed

Fantasy Threats

Dragons! Demihuman armies! Bunnies with sharp teeth! Fantasy settings are rife with dangerous creatures and situations. We're looking for threats -- ideally with GURPS stats, as needed -- that can challenge various fantasy-world heroes. This need not be GURPS Dungeon Fantasy dangers (indeed, it might be a good chance to flex those creative muscles outside the dungeon). Whether it's an overlord making the most of GURPS Mass Combat to amass his armies, a charismatic cult making use of GURPS Social Engineering to post a political danger to the kingdom, or a new form of dragon the world has never seen (perhaps building off GURPS Dragons?), this issue will hopefully give the heroes new and exciting threats to overcome.

2,000 out of 25,000 words filled
  filled   needed

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