FAQ for the Munchkin Level Counter

Updated 11-05-2015

Shouldn't I just grab my Boon as soon as I start the game?

The higher your level when you get your Boon, the more likely it is to be a really good one. So you should probably hold off until you really need it.

Do I have to use the Boon when I get it?

Not unless the Boon says you do, and there aren't many that say that. Most of them, even combat boons, can be saved.

When I am at Level 10 in Munchkin or Munchkin Quest, or Level 20 in Epic Munchkin, the Level Counter will still let me get a Boon if I haven't had one yet. Why is this? I already won, right?

Well, usually. But something MIGHT have happened to keep the game from ending at the normal level. If you won, you don't need a Boon and it doesn't matter. Turn off the counter and do a happy-dance. But if (for instance) somebody has played Mine Goes to 11!, then the game doesn't end at Level 10, and you might really need that Boon . . .

Why are there no boons for Chez Geek and SPANC?

Because buying an advantage in those games would be lame and boring, while buying an advantage in Munchkin is funny. That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Will there be updates and new Boons?

Almost certainly. If we sell a million billion copies of this app, there will be a LOT of updates. (We will wonder where all the iPhones came from, but we won't complain.)

Will the Level Counter be available for devices other than the iPhone?

Yes. In fact, it's now available for the Android as well!

OK, smarty-pants, will the Level Counter be available for devices other than the iPhone and Android?

We have no current plans to put it on other devices, but we're munchkins. We will make very nearly anything if enough of our fans want to buy it.

Loaded Die and some other cards refer to turning the die so the desired number is on top. Can they be used to affect a result rolled on the Level Counter?

Yes, they can. Since there is no physical die to turn, choose any number that the Level Counter can roll: an integer, 1 through 6. If someone raises this question during a game, it is legal to pretend great fear and consternation before showing him this FAQ result.

Version 1.3 and Earlier

Why do the sound effects for going up and down a level sometimes reverse on custom counters?

If you build a custom counter with an Start number lower than the End number, the level counter assumes that going down is good and going up is bad, and it plays the happy sound when you go down and the sad sound when you go up.