Ogre War Room

For iOS and Android™ devices.

  • Game design by Steve Jackson
  • Cover design by Philip Reed
  • iOS App code by J. Kira Hamilton
  • Android™ code by Keith Blackard
  • Music by Tom Smith
  • Playtesters: Steven Marsh, Robert Hood, Phil Reed, Daniel Jew

Available on the iPhone App Store Android app on Google Play

This is a free helper app for Ogre. This is not a standalone game! You will need a copy of the Ogre board game (or Ogre Miniatures) to play.

Use the app to score a game for up to six players and any number of Ogres.

The Combat Calculator lets you enter values for attackers, defender, and terrain, and roll for the result on the Ogre combat results table.

The app also includes PDFs of the Ogre Record Sheets formatted for both the Ogre board game and Ogre Miniatures. You can print these directly from your phone! (Feature not available on all devices.)

Note: Version 1 is optimized for the iPhone. We do plan to make an iPad-friendly version after we've gotten some feedback on this version.

Our thanks to the 5,512 backers who supported the Ogre Designer's Edition on Kickstarter and made this app possible!


  • The Ogre FAQ
  • You can also Download the android app here. (Version 1.1)

What They're Saying

  • "Conclusion: the app is very helpful, and brings a lot to the table even in its current beta stage. If you can run relatively recent iOS apps, go get it." – Darin Sunley, at BoardGameGeek

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