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Many thanks to everyone who has participated in our auction so far. We started the auction in order to raise money for a new webserver - and we reached that goal, and got the server. But the auction received so much good feedback that we're going to continue it for as long as we can come up with interesting stuff, and think of Worthy Causes to improve this site and the company.

The auction was originally run "in-house," using custom code on our webserver. In late 2002, we moved it to eBay in order to increase interest and to allow us to offer our auction customers more options. Our eBay ID is stevejacksongames. We would like to reassure our auction customers that although we are using eBay to handle the display and bidding, we still personally handle shipping, payment processing, and customer service.

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Yes, we gleefully accept donated items to auction! Send email to if you have something you'd like to donate.

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