Car Wars Classic Errata

Last updated April 2nd, 2015

To Be Updated for 4th Printing

Page 7, on the Movement Chart:

For 170 mph, the 1st phase should read 4 instead of 1.

Page 9, Regaining Handling Status: the third sentence should read:

"Increase handling status by a number equal to the vehicle's Handling Class (modified by the vehicle's suspension, other equipment, and tire or wheel losses) plus the driver's appropriate skill, with a minimum of 1 point recovered.

Page 13, Figure 5: the second sentence should read:

"The driver announces that he wants to make a 3/4" controlled skid;"

Page 15, Tire Blowouts: Add the following to the end of the second paragraph:

"Treat losing the last wheel or tire on a corner as a D6 hazard for the crash table roll."

Page 19, Collisions Example:

The DM value for the Killer Kart in the example should be 2/3 instead of 1/3 (two occurrences).

Page 27, Targeting Modifiers, Visibility

"Firing through smoke or paint: -1 per 1/2" of smoke or paint, rounded up."

Page 33, Paint and Smoke, second paragraph: this should read:

"... must subtract 1 from its to-hit roll for each 1/2" of cloud in the way, rounded up."

Page 48, Armor Types:

In the various individual armor type sections, strike the sentences referring to mixing armor types (the 2nd to last sentence in Fireproof Armor, the last sentence in Laser-Reflective Armor, and the last sentence in Laser-Reflective Fireproof Armor) and replace them with the following general limitation:
"All armor sections and accessories must be the same armor type. Exception: Vehicles may use one type of metal armor layered over one type of non-metal armor, but the two types must be themselves consistent throughout the vehicle."

Page 57-58, Ramplate:

Strike the reference to sloped armor in the description of the fake ramplate. (Correction is near top of p. 58)