P. 5. The Anti-Tank Gun for the Catapult should have 5 DP, not 10 as is shown on the illustration.

P. 7. Under Variant: Bloodletter, in the reference to removing the Link and adding a Targeting Computer, change "to-hot total" to "to-hit total".

P. 8. The description of the Mako SR refers to the vehicle as a subcompact, but the illustration indicates a compact. The illustration is correct.

P. 12. The Sprocket's replacement armor costs are off: the correct values are $10 per point replaced for the Sprocket, and $20 per point for the Doom Wheel.

P. 15. The Variant: Flint Special is too heavy. Add 41 points of armor instead of 45; lower the cost to $7,460; and lower the weight to 2,800 lbs.