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Written by Craig Sheeley * Illustrated by Karl Martin * Cover art by Jeff Magniat
Edited by Loyd Blankenship, Michael Hurst, and Steve Jackson

85 pages. PDF. * Price $8.00 * Stock number 30-1310
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Two full-color counter sheets, two 21" × 32" airport maps, and a 64-page rulebook.
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ISBN 1-55634-170-9
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The Sky's the Limit!

The cars rule the roads and the boats rule the lakes, but everyone scatters when the aircraft roar across the battlefield!

Aeroduel introduces air power to Car Wars, showcasing the expensive but ultra-deadly aircraft of the 21st century. You get details for construction, movement, and combat for everything that flies – airplanes, ultralights, airships, helicopters, gliders, autogyros, balloons, and even jet packs!

Aeroduel includes:

  • Two full-color counter sheets, with everything from one-man jets and autogyros to behemoth airships and military bombers.
  • Two 21" × 32" airport map sheets with an aircraft hangar, anti-aircraft bunkers, control tower, and other features. The backs are printed with blank grids for air-to-air combat or for you to customize.
  • The complete rules for playing Aeroduel.

Aeroduel needs Car Wars Classic, Car Wars Compendium, or Car Wars Deluxe Edition to play.

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