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Arena Book

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Written by Stephen Beeman * Illustrated by Dan Carroll and C. Bradford Gorby
Cover art by John D. Waltrip * Edited by C. Mara Lee
Cartography by Stephen Beeman, Carl Manz, and Czeslaw Sornat

71 pages. PDF. * Price $5.00 * Stock number 30-7131
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78 counters, two double-sided 21" × 32" maps, and a 16-page rulebook.
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Test Your Skill!

Although frantic four-wheeled firefights can take place almost anywhere, the most popular locale for autoduellists remains the arena. Whether it's for the fame, the money, or the fact that map sheets are easier to set up than road sections, Car Wars fans love arenas. Here we're pleased to offer over a dozen of the best.

Three arenas – Hammer Downs, New Boston, and the Double Drum – are ready to use. The other 11 arenas are each presented in a quarter-scale format and designed to fit on a single 21" × 32" Car Wars map sheet. In addition to the physical layout and facilities of the arenas, you'll find information on events and tactics for each arena. As a bonus, you'll get special rules for Flying, Ditches and Gullies, Water, Falling, and Banked Curves. Finally, it includes a sheet of counters useful in arena encounters. This has everything you need for arena action; all that's missing is you!

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