Car Wars Arenas Stretch Goals

for Car Wars Arenas

Kickstarter ended April 29, 2015

Extra support over our $50,000 goal may improve the basic box and, if we attract enough backers, create a second Car Wars pack of arenas.

In addition to your pledges, every dollar spent on Ogre and Car Wars goodies on Warehouse 23 during April 2015 counts toward the Kickstarter stretch goals.

Car Wars Diagram $55,000 - ADQ Vol. 1 free! $65,000 - ADQ Vol. 2 free! $75,000 - Double-sided maps!

Each of the five maps in the Car Wars Arenas boxed set will be double-sided, giving you 10 different arenas to play on!

$85,000 - ADQ Vol. 3 free! $90,000 - Car Wars Arenas 2

We'll publish an auxiliary product, Car Wars Arenas 2, with two more maps (a single double-sided sheet) and the necessary rules sheet. The bonus arena pack will be shipped together with the boxed set. If we meet this stretch goal then this bonus set will be free for individual and retailer backers. Retailers will get six copies. Remaining copies will be sold through Warehouse 23 and at conventions.

$95,000 - ADQ Vol. 4 free! $105,000 - Car Wars patch

All project supporters who pledge $40 or more to Car Wars Arenas will receive a free 4" x 1.6" Car Wars patch!

Car Wars Patch $115,000 - ADQ Vol. 5 free! $120,000 - Two double-sided maps

Car Wars Arenas 2 expands to two double-sided arena sheets, for a total of four more maps.

$125,000 - ADQ Vol. 6 free! $135,000 - Three double-sided maps

Another double-sided sheet boosts the Car Wars Arenas 2 set to six maps.

$145,000 - ADQ Vol. 7 free! $150,000 - Two custom Car Wars six-sided dice

We create tooling for a custom Car Wars six-sided die, and every backer who pledges $40 or more to the project will receive two of these dice free with their rewards!

We will create alternate designs, offer them for suggestions, and run a survey if necessary to see which one you like the most.

$155,000 - ADQ Vol. 8 free! $165,000 - Four double-sided maps

Another double-sided sheet boosts the Car Wars Arenas 2 set to eight maps. Counting the 10 maps in the boxed set, that means there's a grand total of 18 arena maps overall!

$175,000 - ADQ Vol. 9 free! $180,000 - Dropped weapon and debris counters

The final stretch goal includes an assortment of dropped weapon and debris counters in the Car Wars Arenas box set. These counters are extras of those dropped weapon and debris counters found in Car Wars Classic.

$185,000 - ADQ Vol. 10 free!