Autoduel America – Cover

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Autoduel America

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Edited by Charles A. Oines, with help from Craig Sheeley and Stephen Beeman
Art by Carl Manz

49 pages. PDF. * Price $6.00 * Stock number 30-7143
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Two 23" × 35" maps. * Suggested Retail Price $8.95
Stock number 7143 * ISBN 1-55634-147-4
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Putting Automative Mayhem on the Map!

Looking for adventure? Trouble? A route across the bandit-ravaged countryside of America, 2039? Or just a safe truck stop?

Autoduel America puts the world of 2039 at your fingertips. Two beautiful 23" × 35" full-color maps detail the North American continent, including road conditions for the major interstate, U.S., and state highways; nuclear zones; truck stops; cities; fortress towns; ruins; military bases; national forests and parks; state and national capitals; no-duelling zones and lawless areas. Use them as posters or game aids for Car Wars or GURPS Autoduel campaigns.

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