Car Wars Expansion Set 6 – Cover

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Car Wars Expansion Set 6

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Illustrated by Kim Strombo, J. David George, David Welling, C. Mara Lee, Denis Loubet, Jeff Hayes, and Dan Willems

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153 counters, 1 Counter Key, and a ziplock bag to hold them.
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If you play Car Wars, you need counters. With the Car Wars Expansion Set 6 – The AADA Vehicle Guide Counters, you get them! Since this is a Car Wars supplement, let's look at some "bullet" points:

  • You get 153 counters total – cars, buses, trucks, trailers, cycles, and helicopters!
  • Each counter also includes a "damaged" version; you can either keep them separate or print them on the reverse side of the page, so you can flip each counter over to show its dueling days are done.
  • The counters are black and white, so you can color them as needed. Get creative, or simply color-code duplicate counters!
  • It also comes with a Counter Key, so you can match each counter to its number, the vehicle name and type, and what page of The AADA Vehicle Guide their information is on.

And since this supplement is electronic, you can print out as many copies of the counters as you need. With the Car Wars Expansion Set 6 – The AADA Vehicle Guide Counters, you'll never run out of vehicles to destroy again!

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