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Car Warriors Kill Stickers

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It Ain't Bragging If You've Done It

Let the duelling world know exactly where you stand, with Car Warriors Kill Stickers! These adhesive-backed vinyl stickers come in a variety of shapes – trucks, cars, motorcycles, even pedestrians – to go with your autoduelling record. (For less skilled duellists, dog, cat, and bicycle silhouettes are also included.)

These stickers will go anywhere – the side of a car (naturally), but also cycles, notebooks, skateboards, briefcases, or anywhere where you want to display your prowess. One note of caution: Before you place these stickers on anything that does not belong to you (like the family car), please obtain the proper clearances. And while Kill Stickers can be removed and repositioned, the longer one stays in place, the more permanent it is. After extended periods of time, painted surfaces may be discolored beneath the sticker.

Car Warriors Kill Stickers are also a useful safety feature on the duelling car of today. Hot-headed amateurs and no-class cycle gangs might think twice about taking you on if your record is prominently displayed – and that could save on ammo costs (yours) and funeral expenses (theirs).

Kill Stickers are perfect for Car Wars fans who want to brag about their ability – but they're also a humorous touch for anyone fed up with modern traffic and inconsiderate drivers. They'll think twice before they cut you off on the freeway if you display Car Warriors Kill Stickers!

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